Friday, January 10, 2014

Caleb Jacoby

First off, let me say that it's great news that he's been found safe.

Caleb Jacoby ran away from home.  There is much public outcry in the wake of his safe return.  Outcry as to whether or not the why's of it are anyone's business outside of his family.  It probably is none of our business (though i don't think people wanting to understand why are necessarily voyeuristic pigs with no hearts).

But on a totally selfish note, this story makes e sad.  Not sad for Caleb and whatever he was going through to make him feel he had to run away. This story resonates with me perhaps more than others.  I have left my home for days at a time.  Left home without telling my parents where I was or why I was going.  Though I never had anyone beating the bushes looking for me either.  I was lost and alone and scared.  But no one was sending frantic messages from New York to Boston to find me.

For those days, no one cared enough about me to look.  Certainly not my mother.  Not even my father.  No one.  I'm sure, on some level, everyone who lived in my house was happy to have my distraction erased for a few days.  No yelling and shouting and cursing.  Maybe my mother slightly more tolerable with me not there.
A sigh of relief in an otherwise crazed existence.

So today I'm happy for Caleb Jacoby.  I'm happy for his family.  I'm happy for everyone who followed the news and wished for his safe return (except for you drama queen/voyeurs who truly were hoping for a bad outcome - you can go fuck yourselves).  Thank goodness he's safe, and I hope that whatever his reasons were for running away - he can find peace in his life and an anchor to his world.

But today I'm also sad.  Selfishly sad for me.  For poor Cymbaline, who could have been raped and murdered and left smoldering in an alley somewhere and no one would have even have been looking.  In fact, sometimes I wonder if, at that point anyway, that would have been their preferred outcome for me.  dead in an alley.  Oh the crying and the carrying on there would have been.  Drama drama.  Sad sad.

But secretly happy.

Eh.  No need for melancholy today.  Caleb Jacoby is home safe.  And I am now home safe too.

So let's a; celebrate happy on this fine day.


  1. Alright so I know nothing about you or your family so who am I to even say anything but…
    He likely didn't have the tenencies to go out and disappear like you. (Nothing wrong with having those tendencies) but it could have been almost out of nature / unexpected.
    A year and a half ago a girl Caroline Starkman went missing. Jewish, from an observent home. Her parents went public about it only a month or so after it happened because apparently there wasn't healthy family relationships and the parents thought after a point she would come home. But once she didn't and that point was past - they did do more extensive and asked for the mass jewish communities assistancety.

  2. It sucks to not feel like you mattered. The feeling of wondering if anyone notices when you are gone is a very lonely one. Glad you feel found now.

  3. it would be nice of you to remove your post you do not know the family nor their relationships and at this point comments about her and her family can only hurt all of them as it is just gossip