Tuesday, January 14, 2014


How does it feel to believe in something so strongly, that you would die for it?

How does it feel to want something more than your own life?

What are the things that make us feel this way?  Our children/families? Yes.  Our homeland?  Sometimes.

What creates passion in us?  What drives us to the end?  Is it desire?  Passion?  Lust?

Today I'm confused.  I don't know why/  Nothing happened.  No BIG EVENT.  Just confusion.

I'm watching other people and i wonder what makes them tick.  That is not new.

I have always wondered about other people, even the ones I don't know.

But today, of all days, I wish i had a special ability to see inside each one of them.

To understand them.

To know what drives them.

What makes them believe.


  1. Its not something easy to put into words. Perhaps its a personality type, or a product of their environment, or just something one feels inside that makes them feel they would sacrifice anything for their people or their ideals.

  2. It feels like your hands are tied behind your back and you have an itch in your ear...it stems from a hole you once had that got filled with something so compelling that it spilled over and through you...and it wraps up with a truth that stands in front of you and refuses to let you deny. So you believe, because you have no other choice.

  3. I wonder if it is fully possible to fully understand anyone else, especially something as essential as a "tick." To some extent I think we will always be prisoners of our own skulls.But I try not to think about it. It's too lonely.