Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Ode to Genius

Colloquially Speaking is, in my humble opinion, one of the great unknown Jewish voices on the internet.

I do not say this in jest.  I do not say it lightly.  I say it and I mean it.  If you are not religiously following her blog, you should do so.  Immediately.  Like rightthisminute!

What makes her so great, so important?

Troubled past?  Check
Tragic life events which have molded her into something different than everyone else? Sadly so.
Excellent perspective?  Done
Ability to get to the heart of the issue?  Yup.
Self Doubt?  Duh.  She's Jewish, after all.

And, most importantly, Her ability to weave her thoughts into magic words and sentences that leave you tied up in knots and feeling her highs and lows.

If I were the editor of a Jewish magazine or newspaper, I would be begging her to write for me.  Read this post she just did on Sharon.  It's fucking brilliant.  I wish i could write with half as much power...emotion...as she does. Hers is a gift.  A gift I can at least share with my few dear readers.


She writes with magic.  Magic words are words that you read and make you feel, whether you want to or not.  Magic is poetry in prose.  It's beauty painted with a keyboard as opposed to a canvass and brush.

So I do not say this lightly - nor do i say it to the detriment of others.  And it remains my own humble opinion.

But try it.  y

You might feel.

And to feel is magic.


  1. Yea. Are you alright?
    Where did you disappear to?

  2. I miss your writing (I have commented before under a ananymous, usually signed with 'M") ...you and several other bloggers inspired me to start my own recently , so I did...

    Anyway, if you do still check here, how are you doing?

  3. Where ru? I miss you, Cym :(