Thursday, December 12, 2013

Because I Promised

It wasn't like it is today, all snow covered, slippery and cold.

The weather was glorious.  No, that isn't quite right.  GLORIOUS!!  Between 65 and 88 every day.  Sun capped, breezy.  The sky as blue as the Pacific is in my dreams.  We stayed in beauty (his parents place  VERY snazzy).  We ate splendidly.  We saw two of my brothers (one in Yeshiva for the year [plus] and one recently married and "learning" there for a year). 

We ate donuts for Chanukah - donuts that you inject with your own flavors.  Through a tube.  A tube!! what will these Israeli's think of next i wonder.

Chanukah - a magical time there.  Very festive.  The city lit up.  The Diet Coke cans with Menorah's on them.  And yet 80 degrees.  Score.

We travelled a few days.  We went to Masada and Ein Gedi.  we floated in the Dead Sea.  We jeeped in the Judean Hills.  We walked through the Muslim Shuk.  We ate.  We went below the Kotel into the tunnels to the original city of David's Temple.

People say it's magic there.  And it is.  Not just for learning or whatever.  For everything.  Going there refreshes the soul.  The mind.  The body.

We floated in the Dead Sea for almost an hour.  Most people go in and out.  But as i lay there, half submerged in greasy salty water, staring at the hazy mountains in Jordan, I found within myself a peace - the type of peace I have not felt in a really long time.  A peace that carried over on the ride home, as the sun was setting, through the lighting of the candles, and the meal at some restaurant or another.  To the nighttime when (and I wont ever really talk about this stuff here but fuck it) we made love together in that greatest of cities in the world.

If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem....

I won't forget.  And we are already talking about our next trip - maybe even this summer. 

Because it's hard to feel magic anymore.

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  1. beautiful piece! So glad you got to go! Take me next time.....