Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Does This Say About Me

So I am a sucker for all things survival and naturally wild.  If you are a show on Discovery, NatGeo etc., and you are about surviving or living on a desert/snowy plain/dense woodland/rainforest/remote island then I am watching you.

I'm watching Naked and Afraid, Man Vs. Wild, Dual Survival, American Blackout, the one with Les Stroud (Survivorman), the one where the guy lived alone on a Fiji Island for 90 days and killed a wild goat (Naked and Marooned), any show about people living in Alaska (Yukon Men, Alaska State Troopers, Life Below Zero) shows about Main Game wardens (North woods Law), then I am your (wo)man.

I am fascinated by nature and wilderness.  I think there is something truly awesome about living on your own (or in a small group) and surviving on your wits and skill and natural resources.  About knowing how to build a fire, knowing how to find shelter.  Knowing how to hunt and fish and survive.

Now granted, I enjoy it conceptually much more than practically.  When we vaca in the woods, we sleep in a cabin, not a tent.  I do not bath in rivers, I take hot showers.  I love to hike and swim but I also like sleeping in a down duvet. I'd rather choose between two bags than flint or knife.   #Ilikegirlstuffmore.

So what does this say about me?  No really, I'm asking.  I have no idea.

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  1. Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode about a guy who loves the idea of living in the simple times of the 1800s. He gets his wish, but turns out he just liked the idea. Also, completely unrelated, Army of Darkness 2? Not happening.