Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Morning Ramblings and Links

Things we have learned over the course of the last week or two:

Bullying is Bad.


But perhaps less duh in the violent, manly world of professional football.

There is never an excuse for a child to call another child a half ni**er.  Or to tell them they are going to fucking cum in their mouths.  But I suspect these things are happening in professional sports, on the fields and courts, every day.

Part of being a professional athlete is being mentally tough - not just physically strong.  David tells me "trash talk" is part of sports.  I have heard it with my own two ears at Madison Square Garden - especially when the Knicks and the Celtics played.  I assume it happens in the locker room as well as the court.  So while I do not in any way condone bullying in the real world, I don't think sports is really the real world.  I think  it's a fantasy world where people are paid a lot of money to hot other people, or throw a ball in a hole.  and to intimidate mentally and physically. So perhaps the rules are not quite the same as the real world.

Being a Jewish Woman has an In balance in the Religious world.

Also duh.  Except, of course, for religious apologists, who say it's not that we are different it's that we are more "sanctified". 

I say BS.  I say women are held up by lunatics wielding a get like a sledgehammer.  I say there is never a valid excuse for withholding a religious divorce from a woman after a legal divorce has been finalized.  I think to keep a woman from remarrying is a sin.  or should be a sin - and would be if perhaps women were allowed to have positions of importance in religion.

I've heard people say there's another side to this story making the rounds about the woman who wrote the article in the paper.  I read the article.  I don't quite believe her story 100%.  I think she made up the quotes.  I'm sure she isn't completely innocent of wrong-doing.  Maybe she refused to go to the mikvah or she spit in his food.

But in the end, it doesn't matter.  There's still no excuse for punishing someone for 3.5 years.  And no one steps forward to do anything.  Where are the rabbis?  Oh yea, they are too busy banning music concerts, books and other stuff and protecting child molesters.

Humans of New York.

Hopefully by now most or all of you know about the fantabulous experience that is Humans of New York and the very cool Brandon.  His book just came out and it's already a best seller.  I think you can easily follow him if you are a facebooker.  Definitely worth doing.  His photo journal of the people of New York is both inspiring and heartwarming.

Brandon was a bond trader who lost his job and came to New York with the goal of taking 10,000 pictures of regular New Yorkers.  He posted them on a website called Humans of New York.  Soon after, he started asking them questions and posting their responses along with their pictures.  And the next thing you know, he's a cultural phenomenon.

Although Completely Politically Incorrect, How Can You Not Love Lululemon's response to the Lawsuit.

Workout/Yoga apparel company Lululemon was sued by women who claimed that the yoga pants they bought were see-through.  The company's response was classic:

These pants aren't meant for you to squeeze your fat asses into.

I know, I know. it's terrible.  After all, we mustn't objectify women and make them into things instead of people.  But really?  How many people do you see squeezing themselves into clothes that don't fit them?  is that really the designer's fault?  My Lulu's aren't sheer when I wear them, but if someone bigger than me stuffs themselves in, yea, they might stretch to sheerness.

Where Do I Get My News about all kinds of cool shit?, and, of course.  If you want to know stuff about stuff, that's where it's at.

Cool Story About An Orthodox Jew Making a Kiddush Hashem (see I know some Hebrew stuff).

This story makes me wonder - Are we really at the point in our society where doing such a small act of kindness is really such a big deal?  Extra points because he's wearing a Kippah and looks like he does shit like this every day.

Also wouldn't be surprised if that woman who make everyone dance before her double mastectomy was Ortho as well.  Anyone know?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. The Article is full of BS. They both went to an Arbitrator who put together a proposal which his side accepted. She didnt. She claims he is the plaintiff in the civil case. Court documents show clearly otherwise. All this information is readily available online. She and her cohorts in ORA simply have an agenda.