Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rollin' In Hotlanta

So there we are -  in my beautifully re-done living room - a bunch of discarded wing bones, assorted meats and empty Corona bottles lying around; watching the Jets play an up, down, up, VERY down and magnificently up game.  By the time the plates were cleared and the celebration over, it was after midnight.

3 take-aways from last night

 - The Jets won and are doing better than anyone expected.

 - Rex Ryan lost a TON of weight.  he looks good.

 - Sports is a lot like life.

I have nothing to add on points one and two.  Unlike basketball (love) and hockey (tolerate for the sake of my marriage) I don't really enjoy football.  Too much violence.  Too much standing around.  Too many rules.  Too many things happening that I don't understand (apparently a pancake isn't on;y a breakfast food).  And lap band surgery is clearly a wondrous thing. (I guess I did have things to add on points one and two after all.)

But sports as a life analogy.  I know I'm not exactly coming up with an original thought here.  It's been used to death.  but that makes it no less true.  The adversity, the highs and lows.  The way you deal with adversity and the lows.  Being mentally tough. Doing your job for the sake of team glory as opposed to selfishness.  All of these things are true.  Repetition makes that no less so.

In the aftermath of victory, I had myself my first really solid sleep in almost a week (12:30 to 6:30).  My brain feels 35 mph slower today, which is a good thing.  Because my brain's been absolutely fried and I've been living in a fog.

Sports as life.  Like work, it's a team effort.  It's about winning (making money the right way), not about any individuals glory. 

Sports as life.  Ups and downs.  and Ups.  And downs.  Sports announcers talk about a team "weathering the storm" and hope they respond to that.  And you know what, that's 100% correct.  That's what life is like sometimes.  How we weather the lows.  And how we respond to them.  It's not always milk n' cookies.  Sometimes it's fire and brimstone. 

I've been experiencing a number of crazy emotional swings of late and no, they aren't hormonal.  Just good, old-fashioned crazy-ness.  It happens. Even to normies.  So especially to the damaged. 

And the key is to realize they come.  And then to weather the storm. 

And the question is how to we respond.  Do we let the other team run us off the field 9another sports term!!) or do we fight back with everything we have (war analogy)?  Do we lay down or do we stand up?

Rah rah rah!  All good.  Life is good.  But it's a fight.  Sometimes every day.  Like sports.  It can be enjoyable, it can be tough and it can suck.  All of the above.

But last night it was all good.


  1. I was so excited by the title of your post that I had trouble concentrating on the content. My big takeaways? (1) You are a tease and, even worse, a poor title-writer. Jerk. (2) You're feeling pretty good. Yay! (Jerk.)

  2. So then, based upon your reaction, arguably I am a very GOOD title writer :)

    Oh and yea, I've been called a tease before (winks in a sexy way)