Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So there I was, on the train, minding my own business when my eyes strayed to this:

 I mean, who knew Heineken was running an ad campaign just for me?  And who said they could use my slogan?

Still, I think it's kinda cool.  Only one thing kind of made me thing?

How did everyone have kids prior to 1873?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I have been doing a little reading over the last few weeks - and i must say I'm confused.

 It is that time of year.

Repent, ye sinners all.

People are all talking about how they will repent.

Everyone is in full swing of repentance.  New Years is over - Yom Kippur is coming.  We need to fix ourselves.  Get better.

Be better.

And I think that is wonderfully noble.  Bettering oneself is always a good idea.  And if motivated this time of year that's fine.


Except then they list all the ways they plan on repenting:

Thou shalt not watch TV.
Thou shalt not watch movies.
Thou shalt certainly refrain from listening to the Devil's music.
Thou shalt stay away from US weekly.  (And certainly Cosmo.)
Thou shalt cover they knees and elbows.
Thou shalt not go on the internet (except, of course, to blog about repentance).

Wait, what??

People lie.  They steal. They treat each other like absolute shit.  They twist.  They hurt.  They destroy.  They pervert their souls in ways that never see the light of day.  They hate baselessly.  They manipulate.  And they are vicious.

But what do they repent?  Is it their true sins?  Heavens no.  They don't watch TV. 

As if refraining from watching The Bachelorete is going to be the difference maker.

Here's my opinion - take it with a grain of salt.

We have gone completely off the rails.  We have lost our way.  People no longer can see between the forest and the trees. 

We are so micro focused on stupidity and nonsense they we have let the real issues and challenges completely pass by with no reprisal.

You want to repent - great.  But what for?  For secretly loving Miley Cyrus and her twerkingness?  That's what's going to send hell fires your way?  But calling your roomate a bitch, or mistreating your spouse -  No need to repent there?

Honestly, it makes me sick.  I don't blame the people who write this.  This is what they are being told is important.  You are a horrible person, not because you steal from your clients, but because you look at the internet.  It isn't the fact that you treat people awfully, its the fact that you don't wear tights in summer.  Flip flops with no socks.  Where is the logic in that?

Better yet, where are our leaders?  WHO are our leaders?  Why are girls being taught that they are dirty because they listen to Beyonce but not a true moral code?

So yes, by all means repent.

But think first.  Don't just do./

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Book Of Genesis

 - Adam and Eve didn't last a day before they sinned and were thrown out of Paradise.

 - Cain killed Abel in cold blood.

 - Noah was a drunk who fell off the wagon the second he was able to get his hands on some alcohol.

 - Abraham lied to kings. He threw his first born son out of his house seemingly with intent for him to die in the desert.  He also attempetd to murder his beloved son.

 - Sarah forced Abraham to throw said first born child out of the house.  She also wasn't so nice to the help.

 - Isaac lied to kings.  He also had a soft spot in his heart for his evil son.

- Jacob was a thief who loved one wife more than the other.  And he let them know it.

 - His beloved wife, Rachel, stole from her father and then lied to him.

 - His daughter, Dina was a rebel who used to sneak out of the house and hang out with bad boys (I can relate!).

 - Simon and Levi were mass murderers. 

 - The brothers as a whole conspired to murder Joseph.

 - Reuben may have slept with his father's wife. 

 - Judah slept with his daughter in law who was posing as a harlot. 

So endeth the Book of Genesis.

When I was younger, in my teens, this information would have made me hate it all so much more.  These are the matriarchs and patriarchs?  This is who we are supposed to look up to?  Killers, liars thieves and drunkards?  Get me away from this.  Further away, I should say.

But now.

Now I take a different lesson, one which may be slightly off the beaten path but certainly apropos for the time of year.

To strive for godliness is certainly noble.  Perhaps even praiseworthy.

But to err...

To err is decidedly humanNo matter how great a human you may be.

So for those who bemoan their lack of ability to become one with their God...
For those who fear that they have fallen too far.......


Remember the Book of Genesis.

And take a lesson from our forefather.

Happy New year.