Thursday, July 11, 2013

When That Fat Old Sun In The Sky Is Falling, Summer Evening Birds Are Calling

I love the "country". 

I love trees and grass and the warm sun on my skin.  I love lakes and rivers and streams.  I love finding a waterfall in the middle of nowhere and jumping under it, carefree, and feeling the strong massage of its rough hands.

I love summer in the country.

I had almost forgotten how much.  But then he did it again.  He surprised me with a three day trip Upstate.  He brought friends too. 

And we did all the things I love.  We boated on a lake.  We hiked.  We swam.  We climbed.

Sometimes reconnecting with nature is as important as anything else.  We live in a world where its technology 24/7.  Everything we do, even our electronic toothbrushes, seems to revolve around the whirring and beeping and flashing of gadgetry and science.  I am all for it. 

But I'm also all for leaving it.  Three days - no tv.  Little email.  No blogs.  No headaches.  But I did sit under a huge shade tree and read a book.  I did lay back in a little boat, close my eyes and feel the gentle rocking. 

Last minute trip, pretty crappy cabin.  Crappy, serviceable.  Slightly smelly perhaps.  Ideal.  Perfect. 

We built a fire in the fire pit in the front yard each night.  Sitting around it, drinking American made beer, talking and laughing.  With the people I truly care about in this world. 

Staring up into a sky filled with millions of stars giver you a perspective that staring at a screen with millions of bytes just cannot. 

No, I'm not ready to run to Walden Pond, killin' my own food and dodgin' bear.  But I do think that, in some ways, these trips back to nature (including, of course, tropical paradises) give me an emotional and spiritual lift that nothing else quite can.

And yes, when we came home, it felt good to come back into a nice air conditioned environment (the cabin's reliance on so-called "summer breezes" was quite a fallacy).  But that good feeling still pales in comparison to the feeling I get when I jump off a wooden dock and plunge into the cold waters of a beautiful lake, surrounded on all sides by nothing.


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  2. Ah, summer breezes upstate...the 95 degree, humid air, just blowing in the front people think that's enjoyable is beyond me.

  3. could NOT agree more.