Monday, July 15, 2013

To The One Who Knows Everything

You are young.  You are inexperienced.

Yet you spout philosophy and world view like a man who actually has some knowledge of these things.  Like a man who has accomplished.

I am no longer engaging you in back and forths on this subject.  Instead, I do what I always do, I put them down on paper.

You say the pursuit of money is a noble goal - the American dream.  I say Bullshit.

You say you want to give women up and focus on this dream - just have some casual stuff in the interim.  Yet you claim to be a pious Jew.  I say you are one of the most full of shit people I have ever met.

Get Back.
I'm all right jack get your hands of of my stack.

It's a hit.
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit.

Let's take a look at what some of the great ones think about the Pursuit of The Almighty Dollar:

Solomon (Paraphrasing) - Um yea - Tried it.  It sucked. 

My Dad - People who want to make a lot of money always, without fail, want more.  It becomes an obsession.  The problem is, at some point it becomes harder and harder to make more money legally.  So they start cutting corners.  And they can always justify it in their own minds.  It is truly a perversion of Judaism.

Yet who do we remember? 

Gordon Gekko - talking about how greed is good.  And greed works.  And too much is never enough.  Yet no one seems to remember Michael Douglas [SPOILER ALERT] being led away in handcuffs at the end.

Here's how I see you now

You are an insufferable person.  You think you know things.  You think your minor success has made you special.  You are like those asshole hedge fund guys I sometimes have the displeasure of spending time with  who all think their good timing and luck has somehow made them into a pack of geniuses.  Or the Johnny Come Lately real estate guys who took no ones advice and got stuck holding the bag in 2008.  They now own hundreds of thousands of square feet of empty warehouses in Arizona or vacant land in Florida.

But worse.  You hurt people.  You do it under the guise of "honesty" and "saying it like it is".  And to your credit, you have a thick skin.  Because when I say it like it is to you, it seems to bounce right off. 

But human beings - it doesn't bounce right off.  And that's where you get lost.

Money = Happiness.  I'm not saying money doesn't make your life easier.  I'm not that naive.  But don't foolishly believe it buys happiness.  I was born into a wealthy family.  I didn't attain happiness for 21 years. 

But you, Mr. Twister, will simply say I am the exception that proves the rule.

I can't fix you.  No one can.  You will either learn these painful lessons through failure, or you will continue to grow into a misogynist monster.  In which case, it's your wife I pity.  She will suffer at your hands while you believe them to be the tools of Gods. 

It's not too late for you.  There is plenty of good in you.  It is just buried underneath your misguided ideas.  I really hope that one day you come to see the error of your ways.

Money isn't the end all and be all.  It is a means to an end.  But when you make it your life, when all else falls out side your dark cloak of greed, you soul becomes an evil misshapen thing.  And that is the direction you are going in.

Luckily you know it all - so these words are merely those of a foolish child who doesn't quite get you.

Except you know I get you.  Perhaps even better than you get yourself.

So don't do it for me.  Hell, don't even do it for you.  Do it for her.  Your future wife. For her soul.  And maybe, just maybe, you will be able to peer through the curtain of selfishness you have created.


  1. I totally agree with you. Sadly, sometimes people don't realize this until they're on their deathbed and they have nothing to show for their life, save for the fortunes that they can't take with them.

    1. Point 1) Why worry about what will come after death. Their fortunes enable them to lead the life they want while they're alive.

      Point 2) With their fortunes they can leave a legacy.