Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Rules Are In Place For A Reason

Ed's Note:  Upon my re-read of this this morning (I wrote it very late last night), I find it to be very rambly and dumb.  I'm letting it stay in because I'll want to re-read it one day and feel embarrassed for myself.  Consider yourselves forewarned...

When I started this journal, I found that Blogger is filled with people who want to tell their stories.  Or just to talk.  That is, in fact, the whole point of Blogger. It's Facebook for the verbose.

So I made a rule early (and for those of you who "know" me, I have a bunch of rules for Blog-World) - I am not going to get sucked in and start following a hundred different blogs.  For one thing, it's incredibly time consuming.  For another, I didn't want to have to deal with the politics of it - ergo:

X reads my blog.  I know X reads my blog.  X asks me if I read hers.  I hem and haw and eventually say no.  X is now insulted because, after all, she reads mine.  Now X stops reading mine. 

And so as a general rule, I follow almost no blogs.  Which isn't to say I never read them.  Or that I don't occasionally peruse.  But I do not religiously check and read or follow.

All this by way of introduction.

In my humble opinion:

Everyone has the right to put their thoughts and opinions out there.  So long as what you are writing is offensive to others, go crazy.  You can choose to write whatever you want.  And people have a choice to read it or not. 

But that's the thing.  It should be a choice - not an obligation.  I shouldn't feel bad because I'm not interested in your cute little kittens, the soup you made this morning, how many pounds of torque your Porsche gets or how much weight you gained over the holidays.

Sure, you have the right to write...but I don't have an obligation to read.

I say this because it goes both ways.  I have chatted with people from here who clearly never read my journal.  And it doesn't matter to me.  i never asked if they did and i certainly never asked WHY they didn't.  I don't care.  My journal is for one person and one person only.  And she's writing these very words right now.  (It's me, dumbass)

I admit it.  There is some really great stuff out there.  Some very moving, some brilliant.  Some entertaining. 


But plenty of bloggers can't write for shit.  And they have nothing original to say.  Or they are repetitive (like me!!!).  Or they are sermonizing in every post.  Or they find themselves posting almost every day to keep an audience.  And all of that is totally fine. 

Write dear boy, write. 

Write until your fingers seize up.  Write until the computer tells you your storage capacity is used up.  Write and let your ideas and thoughts flow out of you onto the page for anyone who so chooses to see.

But don't expect people to read.  Your work is out there.  If people want it, they will find it.  Let them choose.  Don't pressure them to.

And for the record, this post isn't about any one person.  Or about how "wonderful" my journal is.  I have had more than a few emails telling me my blog is shit.  It's offensive.  I'm a whore.  And so on and so forth.  (I am a big fan of getting knocked down a few pegs, lest one begins to think too much of oneself.)

What's my point, you ask.  Good question.  As I read this, I can't quite remember - It's sitting there, just little strands I'm trying to pull on.  Ah yes, here it is.  The rules.  My rules.  They are in place for a reason. 

Know in advance that chances are i don't read your blog.  i don't know the name of it and i cannot tell apart your kittens.  I don't religiously refresh your feed every ten minutes to see if you wrote anything new or to see who may have commented.

But does that mean we can't be friends?


  1. You mean...you don't check my blog twice a day to see if I posted?? And all these months I thought you did... I am highly insulted. Cuz here I am reading your blog.

  2. I'm upset.

    Clearly Mr. Squiggles is the black car with the squiggly white stripes, and Mr. Featherbottom is the brown cat the looks like she sat in yellow paint.

    You should know this by now.