Friday, July 12, 2013

Homage To The Heroine

There are so few of them.

The givers.

The ones who give you every single little piece in themselves, asking nothing in return.

They listen.  They access.  They cut right through your bullshit and give you the answers - and sometimes even the tools - to help you.

And your answer:  "Why would I pay a therapist, I have you as a friend".

Selfish bastards.  Don't they know the price you pay to be who you are?  The soul squeezing pain that is required to save a human's psyche?  Even if they did know, would they care?


The heroine knows all this.  Yet she marches on, day by day.  Giving herself to them - at great cost, ye holders on, to herself.  At great psychological sacrifice. 

Living  a life without peace so that others may find it

Others.  Wounded teens.  Broken adults.  She is the great repair-er of broken toys.  Of souls.

Why does she do it?  Because she can?  No, because she has to.  She has a gift.  Perhaps the greatest gift there is.  She can save lives.  She can make the future better. In some ways, she's literally Superman, spinning counter-clockwise around the world and fixing the past.

The Heroine.


Fixing wounded souls, one at a time, while rending her own into pieces.

She's currently "on a break" from the saving business.  Focusing on her own family.  Her loved ones.  Lord knows she deserves it. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

But I know.

And she knows.

Soon there will be another broken toy.  Another damages soul.  And the heroine will once again don her cape.  But no mask.  She doesn't toil in secret, but out in the open.


I don't know where we go when we die.  I know what I'm supposed to believe.  But I don't know.  But here's what I do know. if there is an afterlife, then we will find the Heroine there - laying in a sea of tranquility - surrounded not by the broken toys, but by those who love her truly.  Perhaps even those who have been fixed. 

Paying homage to a true superhero.

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