Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Ed's Disclaimer - I am obviously not referring to my own shit ass childhood.  Just a regular, run-of-the-mill one.

Remember when you normies used to wish for the day when you were an adult so that you could:

Be taken seriously?
Buy beer?
Have a voice?
Get married?
Have sex?
Have a job?

Seriously dude, what were you thinking?  (Well except for the sex part)

Being a child is awesome.  You have no worries, real worries anyway.  Your biggest concern is that pesky math test you have next Wednesday.  You get to go to sleep away camp in summer and be with your friends up in the greatest place on earth, the mountains.  You hang out in pizza stores, go to movies.  make out in the backs of cars.

And we trade it in for....what exactly?  Working all day, the stress of an endless cycle of bills, worrying about this.  And that.  Oh and that too.

"Youth is wasted on the young."

Obviously there's nothing more important that having a family (unless, of course you are an elitist douchebag who fucked up priorities).  I get that.  Having babies and raising your kids.  That's the best there is.  The ultimate life has to offer.

The question is, why do we rush to get there?

Recently I've been exploding at work.  Suddenly there are a million things suddenly going on.  There are deals to do, documents to read.  Meetings to attend.  Money to borrow. Properties to look at.  Everyone is running, running.

I can't say I don't enjoy it, because I do. This is what i dreamed it would be like and it lives up to expectations.  But is this really a better life than the one we leave when we enter childhood?  Really?

Everyone spends their lives rushing.  Rushing to grow up.  Rushing through to summer.  Rushing through school.  Rushing to get married.  To have babies.  To get a promotion/ then you look up and you are in your [20's] [30's] [40's] [other] and wondering how you got here.  Where it all went.

I don't want to wonder where it all went.  I want to live out each day better than i lived out my childhood.  i want to know that, in the end, I did all i had to do - lived all I had to live.  Loved all i had to love.  Not in terms of workplace success, but life success. 

But these are just words.  Because I know, despite my noble aspirations, that life intervenes.  That we get tired.  And overworked.  And our babies demand too much of our time and our attention.  That we lose productivity.  That at some point, curling up in bed and falling asleep to the TV or a book becomes more inviting than going out with friends.  I know this will happen (unless of course you are a pretentious douchebag).

So in a nutshell, adulthood seems to kinda suck.  As much as it is the ultimate goal.  It seems so much gets lost upon the road.  But maybe that's the thing.  Maybe we aren't meant to live the life we want.  rather, we live the one we need.  The one that contains the most important things, despite what that might take away from the rest.

Quite a realization to come to.  But perhaps comforting in a way too.  Because you can't ever be at peace until you know who you are.

Now if you will excuse me, adulthood is calling loud from the conference room down the hall.

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  1. Not sure I agree. A kid has his own real problems that for him/her are as real as you putting food on the table. A kid, just as an adult, has also good times. I think the problem with sucky adulthood is lack of focus on good times or comparing grown-up good times to kid good times.