Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Look At Prolific Me - Links and other Things

So last night I feel asleep in bed while watching tv at around 9:45....and slept through until the morning - like late morning.

Which had me thinking back to my Saturday issue with the weird sleep and wake-up I had.  And had me thinking that what I was suffering from was pure unadulterated exhaustion.

I have been feeling very "out of sorts" the last few days - this morning, however, I feel terrific.  So I think ten hours of sleep really did me some good.

It also got me in the mood to share the love.  Here's some stuff going on all over the world and the web.

 - Shout out to my blogging world friend, and one time guest poster, Malka - she hopefully has some big stuff going on in the next few days.  Wishing her the best of luck.  Holla!

 - If you guys wanna see something Jewish themed and cool - check out the Wandering Arbitor - she did a really cool Eicha drawing.  Check it out.  It's totally beautiful.  As I commented on her blog - it must be really cool to have a talent like that!  (I'm not counting proficiency in tennis, of course ;)  )

 - If you like the best J-Blogging has to offer - read this lady.  But be forewarned, once in it will change your perspective on everything you think you know.  Here there be monsters.  But written with such grace and beauty.

 - My least read blog post in ages about the best guilty pleasure show you aren't watching.  Perhaps my readers simply don't watch tv?  If so, whatever dudes.  Enjoy your boring time on earth.

 - If you are ever in Canada or the North Eastern US - and you need some good coffee - go here.  Just saying.  Gotta shout out to Tim Horton's!  Whenever I find myself in Toronto playing the Hockey, eh, I get me some terrific Tim Horton's.  In PA, find yourself this coffee instead.

 - I need a hobby that will take up 6-8 hours every weekend (specifically Friday and Sunday mornings).  Any ideas?  Effnig golf.......

 - Re-watched The Dark Knight Rises on HBO.  Twice.  Still not as good as The Dark Knight.  Bane still doesn't hold a candle to The Joker.

 And now the brain has frozen.  So that's all the stuff we have for now.


  1. Archery is a fantastic hobby. Won't take up 6-8 hours, but should keep you entertained for 3-4.

  2. Archery would keep me entertained for abuot 30 seconds.

    1. Archery is a lot more fun than you may think. Start with a regular bow, then move on to either one of the old style ones without the springs and all. Alternatively you can move on to a cross bow. Then you can start driving upstate and shoot yourself some deer.

  3. I actually take Krav Maga - Israeli self defense. But I cannot practice it for 6-8 hours a weekend - unless i'm preparing for a jailhouse fight against the Albino (Banshee reference!!)

  4. musical instrument? swimming? some sort of art?

  5. we swim all Sunday afternoon usually. And I have no artistic talent!!!

  6. get yourself a baby... or pet. that'll keep u good and busy ;). if u like the water, do some sort of water sport. would u volunteer somewhere? how about writing a book? writing is s/t you're good at.

  7. You don't need artistic talent to have fun playing with mud (a.k.a. "pottery"). You just need to not be afraid of getting dirty. You also need access to a place that will let you play with mud and fire your stuff when you're done, but whatever, dude.

    You could also do needlework, or Needlework, or both. Don't dis it 'till you try it!

    Also, awwwww.... thanks!

  8. Prof - So not interested. But thanks!!

    Brochi - Not ready for a baby yet. I work all week (including Fridays). Apparantly only someone ELSE gets to take off Fridays. HArumph! Writing a book you say? Whatever would I write about???

    Malka - Yo momma is pottery. I'm officially dissing neddlepoint BEFORE I try it as i am not yet 70 (like you appear to be).

    You're welks babycakes!

  9. OK, Little Miss Negative-Cakes. What do you want to learn to do?

  10. I'd love to learn to fly
    I'd love to learn to shoot lasers out of my eyes
    I'd like to learn how to be able to draw or paint like Monet

    None of those things can be done weekends!!!

  11. Dude, they're called "flying lessons" (if you're talking about flying with airplanes as opposed to angel wings) or "art classes".
    Seriously, there are places that teach drawing and painting to grown-ups (which you probably are). Many of them even let you bring your own wine.