Thursday, June 20, 2013


Live and learn.

Love and learn.


Life is a series of lessons.  The roll in and out like waves relentlessly pounding the beach leading to the sea.  The pound and they pound.

Yet still the people go into the water.  Some get pushed back, while others duck under the swells and move forward.

Lessons learned.

Life is a series of lessons.

They aren't happening minute by minute.  Not even necessarily every day.  But they are happening all around us.  Are my eyes open to them or wide shut?

I am the type of person who learns best from mistakes.  And lord knows I've made some whoppers.  But the question is, have I learned from them?  The next time that wave rolls at me, will I get pushed back or will I duck under?  What have I learned from the last wave?

Life is a series of Lessons.

Today's journal is about what I've learned from getting my ass pummeled by the sea.

 - I've learned to treat everyone nicely, from the most important to the guy in the mailroom.  In fact, sometimes it's more important to be nicer to the guy in the mailroom.

 - I've learned that when you treat your body like a garbage dump, it eventually will become a garbage dump.  I thank goodness, many times over, that I learned this lesson before I became a garbage dump.

 - I've learned that if you want something really badly enough.....well who am I kidding - there's no guaranty you will get it.  But you better try your hardest.  Anything less than that and you can only blame yourself for failure.

 - Don't pine for your true love.  Ask him if he feels the same way.  The worst that happens is rejection.  And the short term sting of rejection pales next to a lifetime of regrets and what ifs.

[By the way, if you are a guy,  switch the him with her.  It still works :) ]

 - Don't try and change people to fit you.  Either learn to adapt to who they are or cut them loose.  You can't change people.

 - Sometimes a lifelong friend means a friend for a certain period in your life.

 - You actually can trust people over 30.

 -  So long as it can't hurt you, try something once.

 - Platitudes are just that - platitudes.  words.  And as we have learned from the great George RR Martin - "words are wind".

 - Tis better to have loved and lost than...oh wait, that's not a lesson, that's a platitude!

 - Everyone should download the Fun album Some Nights and make it their required summer listening.  For all of you who don't listen to music for three weeks, get a move on.

 - It feels good to check off the box on a medical form "drinks socially" as opposed to the "stinking fucking drunk all the time".

 - Idle hands to idle things.  But sometimes that isn't necessarily a bad thing ;)

 - Actually, family is important.  You just have to find the right family.  Or work with the right parts of your own.  But that doesn't mean you need to stay with the toxic ones (talking to you, mommy).

 - It's ok to put yourself out there.  There are so few perks to being a wallflower.

 - Have fun sometimes - Contrary to popular belief, it won't kill you.

 - Sometimes you can never really know how important something is until you have it (a platitude, perhaps, but a true one).

 - Its fucking awesome to have friends.  And I never really knew it.

 - Take compliments if they are sincere.  Throw them back when they are part of someone elses' agenda.

 - Be self aware.  And that includes knowing what your strengths are too.

 - Love is not all you need (but it's a pretty damn good start).


 - Regardless of what they tell you, play fucking tennis.  Even if you are just bouncing it against the wall when you are alone. 


  1. I've learned that when you treat your body like a garbage dump, it eventually will become a garbage dump. I thank goodness, many times over, that I learned this lesson before I became a garbage dump.

    You thank :)

    I had plenty to comment's a great post...but that line just jumped out at me. That and...You actually can trust people over 30.

  2. Nice man..i think i may have to print it out and refer to it regularly

    as usual- well said dear