Friday, June 14, 2013

And what a Year It's Been

What a difference a year makes, huh?

A year ago today, i was probably basking in the glow of graduation all while entering the last week or so of my summer classes.  My college experience was almost over and the next stages were starting to form in my head.

But I was also probably at a final fitting.  And dealing with my rising apprehension, and excitement, about my forthcoming wedding.

Hard to believe, but it's been almost a year since I was married.

We are getting close to my first anniversary of my wedding day - AKA The Day That Changed My Life For The Better Forever.

So now, instead of basking in the glow of being a college graduate, I'm reminiscing on a year of an entirely new experience for me.

And what a year it's been. 

They say being married is an ADJUSTMENT.  But some people say it like its a bad thing.  Sure, it can be hard.  I had been on my own for so long, utterly and completely cut off from people, that all of a sudden living with someone was a change. 

But a good change. 

The best change.

I sarcastically love:

I "love" finding his towel on the floor after he showers (not always, but juuuuust enough to be annoying). 
I "love" how he tries to help in the kitchen even though he's useless. 
I "love" how he "does the laundry" by trying to flailing around at the machine for 5 minutes before asking for help. 
I "love" how he treats Friday and Sunday mornings in summer like he's Tiger Woods.
I "love" how in his eyes "making the bed" is half heartedly throwing the duvet back over the thing, regardless of pillow location and smoothness. 
I "love" having to literally kick him in the ass to take the garbage out when he freaking knows he's going to do it anyway but he just HAS to give me a hard time.  Like it's in the male genetic code or something.

But I also truly love:

 - How he smiles at me when he's happy
 - How he suddenly hugs me out of nowhere
 - How he cleans the table when we finish eating (always and without having to be asked - we can probably thank his mom for that)
 - How he surprises me with random little things like flowers for no reason
 - How he makes me feel, all the time
 - How he's man enough to apologize when he's wrong (and for not rubbing it in my face when I am)
 - How he understands, at least on some level, what I've been through.  And how he gives me my space when I need it.
 - How he always has my back, especially on our rare visits to my parents
 - How we make each other laugh - even if it's so sometimes we don't cry.
 - How he never lets me go to bed angry (something else we need to thank his parent for)
 - How his friends have become my friends, no questions asked (and no history needed)
 - How, after a particularly hard day, he'll instinctively know to say "let's pick up dinner" instead of having to come home and cook

But mostly:

I love how much I love him.  And how much he loves me.  And how, while I am still I, I have now also become WE.  And how much I love being WE.  And how much better WE is than I.

So yea, happy almost anniversary to me.

And what a difference a year makes!


  1. I cant tell you how happy this post makes me feel. I feel your happiness in the words- its so real and alive! I hope it gets stronger and more vibrant with every year!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. One of the few times that someone elses happiness doesn't make me miss it, but rather makes me feel happy for them.

    Very well written!

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!! :)) Happy almost anniversary!!!!!!! In a year + a little bit, let's exchange notes. ;)

  4. Hah -thank you all for your nice wishes.

  5. Thanks for pointing out the sarcasm for your sarcasm-disabled readers :-P.

    Happy anniversary! Here's to wishing you many, many more.