Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why We Can't Put This Fucker In The Ground

Colloqually Speaking wrote this piece explaining why the Boston Bomber should be put in the ground.  why some cemetery should take him in.  The argument, quite simply, is that Judeo-Christian ethics demand for it.  No matter how evil you are, your bones deserve a place to rest.

I spent a whole shower trying to come up with reasons why I disagree.  Real life examples. 

I couldn't.

But I can explain why Americans feel differently than their Israeli counterparts.

It's about strife.  Struggle.  Hardship.  History.

Israel's history is full of it.  Prior to having its own home, Jews suffered all over the world.  In Europe, the Holocaust.  rising form it's ashes...Israel.  Bloody Independence.  '48.  '67.  '73.

Israel's history is saturated in violence.  Wars, Intifada.  Bombs.  Buses.  Restaurants.  Hotels on Passover.  Not that Israeli's are numb to it - no one can ever be - but there is a certain level of acceptance that violence exists.  We deal with it, we bury our dead (and the homicide bomber) and we move on.

Americans...not so much.

Our history is awash in victory.  The bloodier battles have all taken place on distant shores - Normandy, Germany.  We don't have the same history of hatred murder here. 

America doesn't have the same history of violence.  We have serial killers and the occasional sniper.  We have lunatics and crazies of all kinds.  But the Jihad has always kept out of our boundaries. 

except, of course, 9-11.

Even 9-11, though.  The killers' bodies were burned up in the wreckage of their own destruction.  There were no bodies to bury.

So here we are.  With a murder's body.  A murderer who heartlessly placed a knapsack full of explosives next to a child.  Who died.  And we cannot rationally put that man in the ground.

I understand the anger.  I hear the other side.  I have no idea what the right answer is. 

But that's why his cold dead body lies unburied.

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  1. The problem isn't that they don't want to bury him...the problem is no place to bury him.

    If you were a plot owner, would you want him buried in your ground?

    So that people can come by and destroy the site for housing a murderer?