Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Wit and Wisdom of....Me

I have no idea what I am about to write.  I feel the need to post, but I've literally thought for 2 days and have come up with nothing worth mentioning.  So I'll go a little freestyle on your asses:

 - I have reluctantly watched a few episodes of the show Scandal.  And every time it gets more and more crazy, I say "damn, can this get any more crazy?" 

Think about it.  White House cover ups. Shady governmental agencies targeting enemies of the president before and after an election.  The white house using the Department of Justice to keep tabs on the press.

Wait a second, that's not TV, that's our current administration.

Welcome to Mr. Obama's second term, America!!

 - Holidays can be really stressful, even for me.  I'm working today (as you can see!) and I still have mucho cooking to do.  We are taking part in three shared meals with friends and eating one meal alone. I have graciously volunteered to make a few things and haven't started yet.  Bad times.  I have a lasagna to make, cookies to bake, a tuna to pan sear and a potato kugel to grate.  I have absolutely no idea how I'm getting this all done.

 - I was thinking about my recent tennis play.  How different tennis is with a permanent partner.  It's a totally different game.  I am enjoying every second of it.  Despite, perhaps, the lack of the variety of different partners, the addition of an emotional aspect is truly a game changer.

Now I cannot deny occasionally fantasizing about what it might be like to play with a Federer or a McEnroe, a steady tennis partner has been a pretty damn good thing.

 - I was also thinking about relationships with parents recently.  I called my mom on Sunday, mother's day, but we didn't go visit.  My choice.  We went, of course, to my in laws for brunch. David suggested we go to my parents for dinner (he being a bigger person than I).  I declined. 

I'm not there yet.  Maybe I won't ever be.  It might be water under the bridge, but it's a lot of freaking water - a flood even.  I have worked hard on forgiveness, but there's a far cry between forgiveness and friendship.

 - Congratulations to the New York Rangers who beat the Washington Capitals last night.  What it means to you?  Nothing.  What it means to me?  At least four more games of having to live and breath hockey.  Between this and the Knicks basketball stuff, it doesn't leave many free nights for David. Poor bastard!

 - Anyway, that's what I have to say.  Happy Holiday to you who celebrate.  Good luck to anyone who stays up all night (David doesn't - I'm sure you were all wondering).

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  1. Had many thoughts, but pan-seared tuna is kind of trumping. Mmmmm... tunatunatuna. Real tuna. Not canned ickies. Mmmmmm.
    Oh, if you need to, you could always leave a burner on all yom tov and just pan-sear it not today. (Because although my mother never really did it, because she wanted a break, you are allowed to cook on holidays [only for that day, though]. And I find that sometimes a break is nice but not going insane the day before is even nicer.)