Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Power of The Moment

Pre-David (PD), I think it would be safe to say that I had an extremely healthy disdain for sports.  All the sweatyness, the running around chasing after balls or pucks or whatever. The violence.  It just wasn't my thing, to say the least.

Post David (PD - oh wait, that isn't going to work), however, things changed.  David and his friends are massively into sports.  They play sports, they watch sports.  And because of their circumstances, they were (and are) able to attend many professional sporting events at their local venues.

And because I am a part of David's life, I made an effort to try and be interested in the things he is interested in. 

Which included sports.

And to be honest, the first few experiences were a total yawn fest.  except the footballs games, which were freeze fests.  And that was quickly ended.  No football for me (though I do watch the super bowl and would so go this year in New jersey if we get tickets.  But that's just cause I'm a cool-event whore).

Bu then came Lin-Sanity.  And I admit it, dear reader, I got swept up.  The excitement, the energy.  Madison Square Garden, for those 4 or 5 weeks, was the place to be in New York.  everyone, even the biggest anti-sports people around, knew Jeremy Lin.  And even I can appreciate me some Ryan Callahan hustle and the poetry of Rick Nash (especially when someone explains it to me).

All this by way of intro. 

Last night, it was fun to be in the Garden. 

Last year the Knicks got to the playoffs, only to be summarily dispatched by the Miami Heat in embarrassing ways.  Apparently, the Knicks have been so bad recently that winning one game in the playoffs was considered an accomplishment.

So being in the Garden last night, standing like a fool and shouting things like "DEE-fense" and "MVP" and "KG SUCKS" and Paul Pierce SUCKS" - along with like 18,000 other people (!!) the energy, the joy - it really is something to get caught up in.

Do I always know whats going on?  No (especially in hockey which I absolutely cannot follow).  Do I care that I don't?  Definitely not.  Does it suck when the team loses and I'm thinking to myself "those are three hours of my life I'm never getting back"?  Sure does.

But still.  In moments like last night, when I'm gleefully slapping high fives with strangers (and spotting a baseball cap wearing Jake Gyllenhal [!!!] in the crowd) then it's fun and cool and exciting.

And it's in moments like that where you get it.  When the crowd is showing love for a 6 foot, 6 inch guy with tattoos on his neck (um, ew?) after he shot a hoop from the halfway line.  And they are shouting his name as he celebrates with a dumb dance.  And everyone's loving it.

It's the power of the moment.  And it can sweep up anyone who has any interest in the human condition. 

To me, it's not about the sports.  It's about the emotion.  The joy that a bunch of giant men throwing a ball into a little hole can bring to so many people.

So thank you David - for introducing this to me.  And pat a on my back for showing an interest in something he liked.

Now if only I can get him to appreciate shopping.....

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  1. I remember when my dad would take me to sporting events as a kid. I never cared for sports, but I was always able to apriciate and enjoy the excitement of being at a live game.