Monday, April 15, 2013

The Holy Land

Though the subject of another post...

I strongly identify with being Jewish

Did you jaw break when it it the floor?  Does this surprise you?

Truthfully, anyone who reads me shouldn't be surprised by this at all.  I've never been opposed to Judaism, or Jews and I have always loved Israel and everything it represents. (My issues, not for this post, have everything to do with misplaced orthodoxy.  But like i said that's a post for another time  - or the archives). 

After all, one should never judge Judaism by the Jews.

So today is the day that we celebrate Israel.  Well, first we remember, and then we celebrate.  The struggle, the loss of life.  The threats literally on all sides.

And the victories.  The reshaping of the land.  The re-growth of what was barren.

Israel is a lot of different things to many people.  It represents holiness to many religions and is the cause for many a war.  It is a symbol of modern day "apartheid" to many and the absolute symbol of hope to many more.

It is hated.  It is loved. 

But for Jews, it is the ultimate Phoenix arose from the ashes of the Holocaust.  It is a symbol of strength.  A beacon of hope to the lost.  I strongly identify with this.  With having something to hold on to in the midst of a terrible storm ("a harbor in the tempest" to quote Bono).

Not because of today, but coincidentally, David and I have commenced planning a trip to the Holy Land.  Either this summer or at the end of the year.  It's been a while since I have been there. 

And even in these early stages, an excitement is starting to build.  That feeling of anticipation.  That desire to walk its cobbled streets, to feel cool Jerusalem stone against my fingers.  Even to ride a bus and get jostled and yelled at. 

Today we remember.  Then we celebrate.  I celebrate, literally, my home away from home.  Because I truly do feel that way about a place I have been to but a handful of times (and not all the memories are happy).  But it is something that latched itself onto me when I was there. 

The Holy Land.  My land.  The land of my people (even the ones I can't stand).

Today is her day.  Celebrate it.

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  1. I could feel the love for your land and people through this post. It's inspiring. As someone who's never celebrated the day, you sure make me want to.