Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Hidden Destroyer

It is always there, just beyond the nearest shadow, lurking behind the veil.

It was be glorious out, there may be not a care in the world, but the fear...the fear remains.

Because life has taught me lessons.  And I don't forget them.  Even if things look great, I know that they will come back, these demons.  There is no stopping them.

And when they come....oh when they come.  Pain, suffering.  More suffering than pain.  They follow always. There has been no escape, not for the last several years.

The hidden destroyer of good times.  Of happiness.  Dementors, in a sense, sucking goodness and light and hope from a person's soul.

And this torture, you can't hide from it.  No magical cure can completely rid me of their existence.  No pills or shots for me, oh no. 

I suffer.

And why now, of all times?  Right when the weather is turning and the promise of summer is finally here?  Where despite "global warming" we spend a horrible winter freezing and flooding?  Why now?

Why?  The unanswerable question.  Well, that's not completely accurate.  There is a very long, complicated litany of an answer.* 

But here I sit, on a beautiful day and instead of appreciating the turning of the season, I'm scared and worried.

Because, Allergies, I know that you are coming.

And there's no where to hide.

*Something about mold spores and pollen count.


  1. Allergies are coming???
    Remind me to send you some pictures of the yellow snow we've had in Atlanta for a week, now.
    Oh, fine. Poor you. Sympathy, empathy, etc.

  2. Um, I think there's a totally different explanation for "yellow snow" dear....

  3. OMG e-k just MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!