Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Two distinct families and family dynamics?  Check

Two totally different cities and weather settings?  Check

Tons of conversation about how matzoh acts as a natural "stuffer"?  Ew

Still alive?  Check!!

Looks like another passover has passed over.  And we live to tell the tale.

Good times.

Couple of quick thoughts on the Holiday:

 - Miami rocks. I know it's not for everyone and I know it's expensive but damn.  Pesach is much warmer in Miami.  While NY was ashiver in crap weather, Florida came through yet again.  It wasn't perfect, but it definitely got the job done.

 - Family dynamics are....dynamic.  I really cannot get over how different my family is from David's.  even now, several months later, it's amazing how much of an adjustment this all is. Obviously, the first part of the holiday was significantly more laid back and..well, fun than the second days.  I really enjoy David's family and how well I am accepted.  His little sister has really become my little sister too.  She looks up to me and everything!  (Of course, it doesn't hurt that David's older sister is not exactly anyone's favorite in that family - but that's a long and annoying story).

 - Being home with reinforcements is much better.  Having David with my at my mom's was a truly great help.  just knowing I had someone who had my back made dealing with everything much easier.  And David just has this was of making people feel at ease  - I think my mom has a hard time disliking him despite her best efforts.  (And you think I'm kidding.)

well, maybe it's just that he puts me at ease, but i don't think so.  One of his strengths is how comfortable he is with people, all people, and that makes them more comfortable around him.  I believe I witnessed with my own eyes David and my mother laughing about something together

It was like seeing a unicorn.

So I got some color, had some good times and some not bad times.  And no one killed anyone else.

all in all, we'll call it a successful holiday.


  1. Oooh! Unicornss!!!
    Sounds nice :)

  2. i DO love unicorns.

  3. Good lord. Y'all and your unicorns! Has it occurred to you that the point is there's no such THING as unicorns????

  4. Oh gosh, I came to write about unicorns, but everyone came to write about unicorns so now instead of clever or witty or off-kilter, it would be dull and expected.

    So instead...I love your post? Yeah, that.

  5. I'm so glad you had a good Pesach! Even if part of the definition of "good" is "not killing your mother". ;-)