Monday, April 8, 2013

Remember...Lest You Forget

What does it truly mean to be Jewish?

Is it a lineage to kings, scholars and great leaders?  Is it following a certain set of laws or a true moral code (when not perverted)?  Is it lighting candles Friday night? 

I'm not sure, to be honest, but I am sure about one thing. 

We need to honor those who fell in the Shoah.  We need to honor their memories, preserve the past for future generations.  We also need to celebrate those who survived, who are still here to tell their stories and make the past a living thing, not a museum curio with no real value.

When I hear a survivor's tale, I almost invariably cry.  Why?  Because you are hearing truth, from the very mouth of the one who experienced a pain and a suffering that is inconceivable to us in our luxurious, me first world.

Truth.  Denied by lunatics.  Denied by world leaders.  And eventually, who knows what will be the "truth".  Who knows who will be writing history books in a generation.  Or two.  Or three.  Truth is established by those who rule.

But we do have today.  And today, we have survivors.  They may be getting into their 80's and 90's, but we still have them.  At least for a short time more.  And we must continue to remember, to listen.  To experience a living holocaust, not a museum curio.

What does it mean to be Jewish?  I'm not sure.  But I know one thing...

We must remember.

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