Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rejoice Oh Beaten Down Ones

"Oh what a beautiful morning"

 - Famous old song

Yes, I'm officially making the call - Spring Has Sprung!

Congratulations to us all.  We have survived winter, we have survived Sandy.  And now we get our reward - a couple of sunny days with the weather in the 70's.

Perhaps it's too early to lay a towel on the beach, but even so, we can begin to dream about it.


 - Take off the tights/leggings
 - Shorten the sleeves
 - Commence wearing denim jackets!
 - Open toe shoes!!
 - Break out the sunglasses (without being too pretentious)

(We won't be discussing the allergies, oh no - not today)

Yes my friends - Spring has sprung.


1 comment:

  1. At 81 degrees, I'd say the beach is an option today :)