Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frienemies - A Love Story



Who decides?  Mutual?  One way?

One day you are bopping along, not a care in the whole wide world.  The next day you are a villain.  What did you do, you monster?

Victim of caring too much? 

"Victim of love I see your broken heart."

Victim.  You don't see yourself that way.  But you are.  Victim of yourself.  Of your circumstances.  Always a victim never the bride.

Why do I care?  I don't.  I stopped caring.  I tried.  I really did.   I wanted to help.  I really did.

But apparently I'm a monster.  I'm manipulative and evil.  I twist and turn brains.

Is this really about me, though?  Really?  Or was I just the thing to strike out at.  The punching bag of the moment. 

You've moved on.  That's totally great.  The question with you though is not from what, but to what?

"Move along..... there's nothing left to see.  Just a body...floating down a stream."

Far from perfect.  I agree.  Flawed to a crisp.  But evil?  That's a new one.  Or a new old one.

Perhaps that's the difference.  I see my flaws.  I admit them.  I tell the world what they are.  We certainly don't need to invent new ones.  There's plenty.

You - you were born flawless.  You are the perfectly rated gem.  Perfection.  Any thing about you which could be conceived negatively - that's my someone else's fault.  But you?  Perfection personified.



Who decides?  You decided.  and quite honestly, I'm thrilled.  You showed a spine.  For perhaps the first time ever.  Tell me was it hard to not be so passive aggressive?  I'll bet it was.

Anyway.  This wasn't cathartic.  Mostly because I didn't really give to shits to begin with.  I tried.  I wanted to do good. 

Evil?  Manipulative?  Mind control?  I guess i failed.



  1. I want to say I might know what to say...but I might maybe I shouldn't say anything except...I want to comment - so you'ld know I was here.

  2. For the record, this post is NOT about Tova!!!

  3. You are looking at it in such a squarely-in-the-eye-healthy way. But I bet it HURTS. And so, I'm sorry. :(