Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sorry for the lack of any flow in this post.

In Newtown, we asked why.  Why did something like this happen?  (And it's most direct result was not to remember those who died tragically, but that the tragedy became a springboard for gun control regulation.)

But Boston. 

Should we ask why?  Does anyone really think, though everyone is careful not to jump to conclusions, that they don't know why?  Or who is behind this?

And what does that say about our world?  Is peaceable existence occasionally shattered by violence going to be the "new normal" in the US, the way it is in third world countries?  The way it is in Israel?

That is a lot of questions.  Questions with, scarily, no answers.


Except now we are reminded of what we so easily forget.  There are so many out there who hate us.  They hate us for our "meddling" or our prosperity or our freedom.  They hate us because we are different and because we stand in the way of what they so desperately desire the world to look like and ruled.

The next question is, however, what do we DO with this reminder?  How quickly will Boston be yesterday's news?  How quickly will we have moved on, only to be reminded again in a sudden jolt of horror?

The one thing I truly hate about living in the city is that I know I exist in what is probably the number 1 terrorist target in the world, certainly the US.  I don't think about it while I'm on the subway but days like yesterday remind me that it can happen anywhere and at any time. 

And that's the whole point of random terrorism.  To strike fear into people.  To make them afraid to live.

And therein is also the best revenge.  To keep living.  Not to let them defeat us psychologically.

But also - I want revenge.  This isn't live and let die.  This is about retribution for three deaths, including a young child and lost limbs and psychological damage which even I, thankfully, couldn't begin to understand.

And I hate saying this, but I know who i want the perpetrators to be.  I want it to be our existing enemies, not another, new player.  How many fronts can you fight a war on?

I would say this is a wake up call.  Except has anyone really woken up?  Will we still have this fresh in our minds in q week from now, like 9/11 stayed with us for so long?  Or has the new normal sucked the feelings out of us as well.  Have we become so immune to violence that we can quickly move on?

To that I cannot say "Boston, we will remember". 

But I can say "Boston, I will remember".

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  1. "the tragedy became a springboard for gun control regulation" Sadly. That is the exact opposite of what such a tragedy should have caused.

    Investigations show that the bombs used yesterday were made from pressure cookers. I advocate banning them!