Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I Would Never Have Known But For Hanging Around A Bunch of Guys at a Super Bowl Party

 - Apparently Ray Lewis, a Ravens player, was heavily involved in a double murder a decade ago.  This led to The Guys (TG) gleefully reading tweets during the blackout such as "Ray Lewis killed the lights" and laughing uproariously.

 - What a "prop bet" is.

 - That there really is no limits on how much you can eat, no matter how skinny you are, if things such as "meat" barbecue" or beer are involved.

 - How to operate my very own "box pool" (we did not win, btw).

 - The harbaugh brother who coaches the 49er team is a spoiled brat.  He seems much more intense than the other brother.

 - The 49er quarterback has a bad-boy cuteness to him.  Too many tats though.

 - The guy from the blind side is a real football player!!  And he still plays!!  Apparently, despite the movie, he "sucks" or is, at the very best, "overrated".

 - Apparent it is no longer acceptable to simply watch the Big Game, you need every single guy following the game, in real time, on Twitter while constantly giggling and then passing the phone around so everyone else can giggle too.

 - Anquan Boldin is a "beast".  And the consensus among TG was that his parents couldn't spell Antoine.

 - Interesting fact - If you live in neither Baltimore or San Fransisco, it was impossible to choose a team to root for in this game.  That you were quite possibly rooting for both teams to lose or for a giant blackout to end the game prematurely (oh wait).

-  Guys are pigs (though, to be honest, I knew this without watching the game with them).

AND, the most important of all:

- That next year's Super Bowl is (i) going to be played in New York (ok New Jersey but whatever). (ii) That there is a significantly better chance that the Giants will be in it (realistic) than the Jets (iii) TG all hope the halftime show will be done by such local stalwarts (and cold weather performers) as Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Billy Joel, (iv) that there's at least a 32% chance that the game will be played in horrendous weather (including, but not limited to windstorms, blizzards and sub zero temperatures)and (v) that I'm like 92% certain I'd like to go. 


  1. The extent to which Ray Lewis was involved in the murder is that he was there. He was not charged.

    Dont call Jim a brat. A brat would have thrown a real tissy fit on the lack of the holding call on the last 49rs 4th down. He didnt.

    Kapernick is sooooo not cute. A good looking QB is Aaron Rodgers.

  2. I thought the rule was that the SuperBowl had to be played in a roofed-in stadium? So that the weather shouldn't matter?

  3. It usually is. Somehow NY still won the bid.

  4. Football - meh. Tennis, now there's a sport.

  5. Anon - if you say so

    Malka - your ignorance is sio cute

    Prof - Miami doesn't have a roof. asked

    ek - Naughty!!

    1. A) Its not a "rule" its just how they usually do things.

      B) Miami and NY have veeeeery different weather this time of year...

  6. Yes, Michael Oher is a real player. He is not overrated, unless the people you were hanging out with rated him too high :)
    He never had high rankings because of the book/movie, he just had a great storyline to him.

    And the fact that they couldn't choose a team to go for, means that they can't bare to root for a loser, so they won't choose a team until it is over, and then say: "I'm glad they won."

    MOST guys are pigs, don't judge all of us!

    Rumour has it, there may be no halftime show at all next year, since it may be too cold for crews to set up during the 12 minute span. But if there is, count on Bon Jovi or Jay-Z.

    Start saving money now if you want to go next year!

  7. WM - As for your second point - Not quite. They had valid reasons for disliking both teams (Ravens - they hate ray Lewis, 49ers they hated the coach.

    I'm ok with their piggishness

    No show would suck.

    1. New Jersey has heard the rumours, and responded by saying that "A Halftime Show Will Happen"...but the articles are hard to ignore:

    2. Having the super bowl there is a stupid idea. What if a storm like the one expected this week hits the day before or day of the super bowl? What are they gonna do, delay the game for a week?

    3. Nope, play it anyways. That's what football is.

      As someone with a strong "Outdoor, pond" background:
      If the headlights on the trucks working.
      And the ice is strong enough.
      Hockey will be played.

      Football players need to stop being babies and man up.

    4. In principle I agree. When they cancelled the Eagles game a couple years ago I found it to be pathetic. HOWEVER, the superbowl is the biggest game of the year. If fans cant make it or there are blackouts it will seriously put a damper on things. They say Roger Goodell is freaking out about what can happen.