Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Conspiracies at Every Turn

I saw a bit on the internet that there's a conspiracy theorist college professor at FAU who believes that the Sandy Hook massacre never took place - that the whole thing was staged using "crisis actors" so the White House can push through gun control laws.

Let's put aside your views on gun control.  And the fact that such a statement is so blatantly disrespectful to the parents of the dead children.  Let's put all that aside and talk about conspiracy theories.

I know a guy who let himself get eaten up inside because he became petrified of the so-called New World order - the famous Bildaberg group which supposedly controls everything that happens in the world.  Left wing conspiracies.  Right wing conspiracies.  Obama birther conspiracies.  Voter election fraud conspiracies.  Monetary policy.  Government cover-ups.  Global warming.

The world is full of many shades.  There's what you see.  And then there are things that most assuredly take place in the shadows.  There are no denying the shadows.  Just ask the Shin Bet if they don't exist.

But there's a fine line between belief and obsession.  And when it comes to conspiracy theory, it almost always becomes obsession.

Truthfully, you can make almost ANY argument sound rational to yourself.  That's the trick.  To yourself.  The person on the other side just thinks you are barking mad.  It's like trying to convince a Republican of left wing ideals.  Or trying to make a non-believer believe in God.  It can't be done.  And the other person just demonizes you and your ideas.

Right, wrong.  It's all irrelevant.  The ramblings of mad fools or the truth.  Does it matter?  You can never convince anyone else anyway. 

But it will eat at you.  It eats all the way through.  My father knows another guy.  He's a genius.  He works for some kind of think tank that has some connections to the Government.  And the guy has become a paranoid. He sees conspiracies everywhere.  It's terrifying talking to him (which I have done a few times) because everything comes back to conspiracies - against the Jews, against right thinking Americans. 

Truth is, it is someones job to sift through the shadows - to separate fantasy from reality. 

But it's not your job.  If you make it your job, all that will leave you with is constant fear and other people feeling that talking to you is like standing in an open air lunatic asylum.

So do yourself a favor - the next time someone comes to you and tries to convince you about one of these theories - run like hell.

otherwise they may start making sense...


  1. While I do believe that Sandy Hook took place, I think that it may in part be a government conspiracy to impose gun control. It is not as if government has not staged mass killings in the past in order to justify its later actions. History will tell whether or not Sandy Hook was government orchestrated or a simple act of lunacy by a sick man.

  2. Everything you know was taught to you by someone, or learned on your own...so that's what your beliefs mostly come from.

    Not in this case, but with conspiracy theories in general, if someone is thinking that Scenario A happened, regardless what the theory is, it will be hard for them to ever accept that Scenario B might be the true case.

  3. Hey, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. Oh shit, gotta go!

  4. "It is virtually not assimilable to our reason that a small lonely man felled a giant in the midst of his limousines, his legions, his throng, and his security. If such a non-entity destroyed the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, then a world of disproportion engulfs us, and we live in a universe that is absurd. --Norman Mailer"

    Yeah, I read 11/22/63.

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