Monday, July 23, 2012

Write, Right?

The following is an absolute free-flowing post which is coming out of an unquenchable desire to write, even though I have nothing specifically to say.  So apologies for the sudden mass of blurbs.  And if I were you i wouldn't read this crap:

 - My friend Tova, who recently was extremely weak with what was thought o be the flu plus cancer, is actually suffering from mono plus cancer.  When I asked her who the lucky guy who gave her the "kissing disease" was, I got a "fuck you". 

 - What happened in Aurora, Colorado was a horrible tragedy.  But it should not be used to fuel a gun-control debate.  The constitution gave people the right  to bear arms.  The same constitution, you left wing gun-control advocates, that SCOTUS just used to uphold your precious Obama-care health insurance bill.  So deal with it.  I'm all for people actually enforcing the existing gun-control laws (which from what I have read are fine but ignored).  We don't need new laws, we just need gun sellers to be held accountable for not following through on their checks. 

Also, don't forget the "slippery slope".  If you outlaw guns because people can start shooting up movie theaters, we need to outlaw alcohol so people don't get drunk, drive and slam into a bus and kill 12 people the less old fashioned way.  Once you start taking away freedoms, it becomes easier and easier to do (right Mr. Bloomberg???)

 - I find that now that I'm spending less time online than I did last year - I was spending too much time online last year.  If you get my meaning.  I've stopped coming on at night, which I was doing when I was home (for lack of anything better to do) and I find I'm much more productive than I was.

Now I'm not one for railing against the internet.  It's here to stay and too a part of our daily lives and routines to ever really change.  It IS a social outlet for people, including me (just ask the people I torture in g-chat occasionally). But for me, personally, I was wasting too much time the other way so I'm personally happy to have at least temporarily stopped coming online at night.  Besides, if I was online, how else could I have spent three hours last night watching the Bachelorette special.  Uh, I'm kidding (no I'm not).

Anyway, I needed to write, which is hard when you have nothing much to say.


  1. Terrible job by me - Aurora COLORADo, not Ill. I've corrected it in the post already. H/T to one of the eyes in the sky watching over my dumb mistakes. :)

  2. - Looks like you caught your friend Tova in the act...and she didn't take to kindly to it.

    - Gun laws, or lack thereof don't matter. This guy was a genius. A PHD candidate. If he wanted it to happen, it would happen. Look at all the explosives in his apartment. Could've blown up the whole area, and it was all legal stuff.
    If you want to do something wrong, it's not hard.