Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And Sometimes Realizing That You Are Getting Older Downright Sucks

"To the revelations of fresh faced youth
No one will come to save you
So speak your peace in the murmurs drawn
But youth is wasted on the young

(Smashing Pumpkins - Though the eyes of Ruby)

Oops - I accidentally posted the title with no post.  here it is!!

On Sunday we went to visit David's younger sister in sleep away camp.  She's a staff member there.  About three or so it started raining.  I was walking to some overhead concealment when I spotted two girls, 11 or 12 years old, in shorts and tanks walking in the rain, getting sopping wet, smiling and happy.

Absolutely, 100% carefree.

And I realized something totally sucky.  Children yearn for one thing - to become adults.  But becoming an adult comes with it a terrible price.  Namely, the inability to not care.  To not have worries.

Not that I'm one to talk.  My childhood was not chock full of carefree moments.  I was always a (hot) mess.  But for most normal children, youth is a time of no serious worries.  It's the ability to walk in the rain, happily, as if this is the greatest pleasure in the world.  Because when you live in the moment, it IS the greatest pleasure in the world.

The you grow up.  And there is always something on your mind.  Jobs, finances, family.  Always something too important to not be gnawing away at you like a disease slowly eating through your organs.  And it becomes so much harder to enjoy the little things.  To stop and smell the roses (achoo!).  To take pleasure in the simple beauty of a sunset. Because there is no carefree. 

It sucks, yes.  But it's life.  I've decided recently that life isn't supposed to be easy.  That's a myth.  And it is what it is.  There's nothing to be done for it.  But that's ok too. 

It's just too bad that there will be no more happily walking in the rain.


  1. Disagree(sort of)... Maybe 11 year olds are carefree and happy, but by the time most kids are in high school they are little stress balls. The hormones kick in, so you have all sort of drama there, plus the stress of getting into college, etc... For me, being married before kids was the time for happy walks in the rain - you don't really stress about money, you don't stress about homework, you don't stress about dates, you and your spouse have time to just hang out. Then the kids pretty much take all that away...

  2. Eh you can still make time to be carefree. Maybe not 100% of it as before, but seizing the moments, vacations, etc. And then there's Shabbat!:)

  3. Life is a short, warm moment
    And death is a long cold rest
    You get your chance to try
    In the twinkle of an eye
    In eighty years with luck or even less