Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Former Star Looks To Return To Glory

Former Number 1 Ranked tennis star, out for a year, looks to return to greatness.

By Blogspot Sports Staff

Cymbaline, the former number 1 ranked tennis star in New York, is less than one month away from her return to the hard courts (and softer surfaces) of professional, competitive tennis.  "I'm extremely excited," she told our staff, "I've missed playing this sport.  It's a real part of who I am."

Her time away from the game has given her a new appreciation of how important it is to her life.  "Practicing alone just isn't the same," she says with a sad look in her eyes.

Her return comes on the heels of the rise of a new challenger, a mysterious player named David, who has shot up the rankings.  The hope is that he will become a worthy adversary for Cymbaline for several decades to come.  ""Ive never had an opponent for more than a few months.  I look forward to this new challenge."

Cymbaline started paying tennis at an extremely young age, against the wishes of her parents, her school and even her doctors.  Her play was undisciplined and even dangerous.  She did a poor job of protecting her court and on a few occasions played without the proper protective gear. Sometimes her meaner opponents took advantage of her weaknesses.  But over time she developed not just her natural physical abilities, but also an understanding for the mental side of the game and how to manipulate opponents.  At that point her career took off.  By age 18 she was a number one ranked player. 

But then, suddenly, at age 20, circumstances forced her into a year-long hiatus.  "This past year was very difficult for me.  Tennis is part of who I am.  For me to be without the aspects of the game for a year, at least partner free, was very difficult."

But now she's back.  The time away, she says, has made her hungrier than ever.  "I feel bad for my opponent, I plan to totally wear him out.

And now, in less than a month, she will have that opportunity.


  1. Hilarious. Rolling over here! Keep it up!

  2. So all aboard for the American tour
    And maybe you'll make it to the top
    But careful how you go
    I can tell you 'cause I know
    You may find it hard to get off.

  3. :)
    was reading this in class so i couldnt laugh, but was definitely smiling throughout!
    well played

  4. Will you be playing under the more stringent rules? Are you taking lessons in order to be able to do so properly? If so, how are the lessons going?

  5. Mazal tov on the upcoming nuptials, and even though it's not quite my birthday - here's my bracha to the happy couple :)

  6. I apologize if my comment came across other than as intended. I really am interested in how kallah classes, if you are taking them, are going for you.

  7. Not offended in the slightest - the funny stuff was aimed ar e-kvetcher's link. Which was awesome.

    Yes I did take them, I think the whole thing is insane- I will follow the rules as best as i can and to the limits that me and David set for ourselves.

  8. That sounds like a good approach!

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