Monday, May 7, 2012

Saving Our Souls One New Rule at a Time - UPDATED

So long story short - W shouldn't care about this because it's not even the rabbis, it's their handlers, and the rabbis arent crooked, it's just their handlers are.  And it's not the rabbis, it's a bunch of guys who are out to make a shitload of money from selling filters that the rabbis, who aren't responsible for all this (their handlers are), are going to tell everyone there they need to get on their computers.

Now granted, I didn't really lsiten to the stories so much, but in all the stories about the great rabbis, wasn't it the job of the handlers to run around and do what the rabbis wanted???  NOT the other way around??? 

How did it become so turned around?  How did it become a situation where these rabbis, in their ivory towers, are so....busy? learned?  engaged in heaven?  that they need handlers to tell them what to do?  Is that the evolution of Judaism?  From great rabbis to those with their heads in the sand?

I think I'm actually MORE confused now.


A Song of Ice and Fire contains great lords and their bannermen.  Bannermen being those who serve those lords, who pay allegiance to those lords, and when war is upon them, the Lords will "raise their banners" and all bannermen will come to fight.

Judaism has bannermen too. 

They love to ban.  The ban Jewish music concerts. They ban minor league baseball games. They ban TV's movies and popular music. They ban people who oppose them.

And now here they come, ready to ban the internet.

Not to be general, but there are certain sects of Judaism which are controlled by those who want but one thing - Control.  It isn't about serving their god perfectly under the guise of the Lord, it's simply a power grab.  And gods be good to all who oppose them.  Shit they've even authorized burning houses down, what's banning some cyberspace?


Why?  For whose good? 

I'm not going to try and discuss the issue on the merits.  What's the point?  I have my opinion, the zealots have theirs.  Never the twain shall meet.

All I will do is issue the following paraphrased warning  - stolen from Princess Lea of all people - "The tighter your grasp, the more that slips through your fingers."

By all means, ban the internet - so people will have their computers delivered in Boxes which say "Dryer' on it, they way they do with their TV's.  You can;'t stop what people do in the privacy of their own homes. 

Here's the saddest part - in two years, when people are still having marriage problems and issues of "sexual depravity", what will they blame, and ban, next?


  1. It is my understanding that its not the internet they are banning, rather suggesting and encouraging people to put filters on their internet. I don't see a problem with that

  2. Yeah, I think they've given up on banning the internet at this point. They're trying to be more realistic now, I think, and just force people to filter their internet and have the computer in an open space where anyone can see.

  3. I'm sorry, using the term "force" means that they an force anyone. the truth is that they are suggesting. They cannot force anyone to do anything. No one is knocking down your door insisting that you put your computer and put on a filter right now-or else- these two mafia guys behind them will teach you a lesson.

    I really don't get why everyone is all up in arms about this. No one can force you to go and no one can force you to listen all they can do is suggest. You have the free choice to decide

  4. By 'force' I mean they threaten you with not letting your kid in yeshiva, using societal pressure.

  5. Ask anyone in Lakewood what happens to their kids in terms of schooling in the event their have internet without permission. Ask anyone in Lakewook what happens if they go to a baseball game there. Don;t tell me there's no "force".

    Also, their "suggestions" are effectivey bans. Though you are correct, i was using the term for effect.

  6. Yes, one can argue as to whether it is a suggestion or coercion, but I have to nwonder at what's behind this. Is this motivated by a desire for control or by fear? Fear that people in the community will slowly become not at all frum? Fear of breaking marriages and families?

  7. Also, people choose to live in these communities. They choose to live in a place that holds by certain standards and rules-if you don't like it don't live there

  8. Call me cynical (which I am), but a large portion of this is control by fear.

  9. Peolpe choose to live in the communities because they are expected to - if they want to live a job-free life where they are supported by their parents and in laws, they must do all the things expected of them live in certain communities, etc. Doesn't mean they believe any of it. If you start parsing out the true believers, the ist will shrink muchly.

  10. Well they have to live with consequences of their choices.
    Also-its a sad reality, but everyone lies when it comes to these things. They really can't force anyone. They may put people in situations where they feel like their only option is to lie, which i agree is wrong.I'm not saying the system is perfect, there are definitely serious flaws. But I don't think the rabanim are on a power high, i truly believe they are trying to help the klal, sometimes it may not be the way i think it should be, but i believe the intentions are in the right place.

  11. Speaking of Bannermen:

    You have to remember that the rabbinic leaders of that community live in a different reality than we do.
    They do not surf the net and read the news. They do not read newspapers or magazines and expose themselves to a variety of opinions.
    They are insulated and rely on their handlers to provide them with news of the outside world. All they know about the internet is from these handlers, not from personal experience. So yes, they are approaching this with the purest of motives as they've been told that the internet is destroying Jewish lives and who would want that?

    1. Well, you know there's an undercurrent of disagreement that's reached the top when the Hamodia had to feature a Q&A with Rabbi Solomon asking, noting among other things that "there's some confusion" "people are skeptical" "they feel that askonim are behind it, not the rabbonim" etc.

      For me, I can't shake my cynicism that SOMEBODY is set to make a lot of money off it...i.e. the filters "expo" scheduled right before not to mention the bags I read about in another magazine that will be given out to participants (read: heavy advertisements, etc). Not saying that any of the rabbis who've put their support are profiting, but I don't trust "askonim" anymore...yes, maybe R' Solomon is behind the official organization but you can't tell me it isn't being organized by askonim.

    2. I recall a few years ago there was a debate in the Chareidi community in Israel over endorsing a particular cell phone company that produced "kosher phones". In the end one company was picked and it turned out some Chasidic rebbes own quite a bit of stock in them. Just saying...

  12. Lot of smoke around the concept that there is a contingency of people who are positioned to make ALOT of money off of this (i.e. the filter sellers) who are sponsoring this event somehow?

  13. funny story - posted something today and when i looked at the published post it was missing an entire paragraph....tried editing, wouldn't load the i deleted the post (along with your wonderful comment:)) and tried again - and again...until i realized that the filtered network we have was blocking the words 'half-naked'...PEOPLE! filters greatly influence out writing! and that (besides for making an informed and well thought out decision not to care about a gathering of people with an aim to come up with a conclusive statement about something they have no real control over and who i have no desire to listen to anyway about internet or anything, really) is my entire opinion on that :)

  14. *sigh*

  15. i tried posting something about my filter and how it didn't allow me to use a certain word but then i used that word in my comment and it didn't go through but then i thought, maybe it did and i just can't see it and then i got paranoid...thinking...maybe i see the world (wide web) through a filter and i'm really only as smart as THEY let me be...oh no...

  16. Careful though. Even google has a kind of filter. They use algorithms based on sites you previously visited to tailor your search results. Dont believe me? Run the same search in google and in, which doesnt do it.
    Choose your filters or have them choose you.

  17. Right - and it's why I hate google, Apple, and Microsoft - they have way too much control over our lives and our personal information.