Monday, April 30, 2012

T - Minus Two Months

It started as a chance meeting at a party.  No big thing.  Just another guy at another party. 

Except it was different with this guy.  There was an immediate connection of some sort - it was so easy to talk to him and to laugh with him.  Laughing, back then, was at quite a premium.

On a whim, she gave him her cell number.  Not that she hadn't done that a million times before, but this one didn't ask for it.  This one seemed perfectly content to have met her and had a few laughs and that was OK.  No need to spoil it with anything more.

And crazily enough, he called.  And the talked some more and they laughed some more.  And they told each other they liked each other and that they should stay in touch. And they did.

At first it was some random phone calls, some random texts, emails and chats.  They met a few more times, at mutual friends or random meetings.  And there were always random calls and texts and emails. 

Turns out, he was a great ear.  He listened, which most males do not have the capacity to do. He even had good, rational advice.  Occasionally he had the ability to just be there even when there was nothing to say.  Just two arms to hug and a warm body to press against. A shirt to absorb tears.

She told him her secrets, rarely held anything back - like a boxer in the last round, losing the fight, letting go with everything he has.  But he took ever single blow and never staggered, never made her feel like she was an abominable character, no matter how much she may have felt that way herself.

And it was to every one's surprise when she eventually screwed up enough courage to tell him how she felt.  And when she did, it was like the sun breaking through the clouds.  And, after, no matter how many times she pelted him with her doubts and her self loathing - with her fears and issues - he still refused to stagger under her weight. 

Instead, he made her a better person.  And he still does.  And on a beautiful Miami evening, he asked her to spend her life with him.

And now, here we are, T-minus two months and counting.  Two months to the total and complete fulfillment of my absolute greatest dream becoming a reality.  Two months until the man who made me a better person can start working on me every day.  And yes, I'm not shy - two months until the most spirited tennis match of all time (I'm thinking this one is going to be a marathon classic!).

I'm counting the days.  Soon I'll be counting the minutes, then seconds - like we all used to do in that last month of school - desperate for the freedom of summer.

David is my summer.  And I long for him to be mine forever.


  1. That is so, so sweet. I love romantic stories with happily ever after endings like this :). I'm so happy for you.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww that's so cute! Mazal Tov!! so happy for ya!

  3. :)

    (Need I say more?)

  4. I can't wait till he gets to actually read your blog and this post!

  5. MW - thnks, as always

    Anon - I hate anons can't you come up with some clever nickname???? And thanks

    Malka - yes, you need say more :P

    LS - Who says he isn't reading already?

  6. Re: Cym Re: LS
    WHAT??? You gave him the url?

  7. You implied that the posiblity was there.

  8. Tsk T^sk Tsk - you KNOW what they say about making assumptions no? Ass out of u and me? No? yes?

    The truth is, we talked about it, he never really mentioned it again, and I'm not running to bring it up again. So yea, no.

  9. I feel vindicated.

  10. LOL LS. Who are u? I must to know....