Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Required Reading For All The Lost Souls (Including Me)

Dear Chana.  Thanks for this.  Spot on as always.  You could be writing for any one of our "club" (and you so often do).

I disagree with you on one point.  We can indeed outrun our past.  With hard work, with determination - with the right therapist of course.  We never leave it completely behind, but we don't have to make it an albatross either.
I like LOVE your Lord of the Rings analogy.  We Lost Souls are indeed the Fellowship.  We begin our quest - a fool's quest for sure - in doubt and confusion.  The end looks as far away as Mordor.  Certainly, we lose a Boromir on the way.  A Gandalf falls.  But those hearty enough to see it through get to become Kings, wander Fanghorn Forest with our best friends, or simply return to the shire to live in peace.  The luckiest of us even get to sail West.

And though some Gandalfs fall, often they come back to us, at the turn of the tide. 

Yes, we have suffered.  And yes we sometimes fall back into doubt.  But life isn't always a slog.  Sometimes it's pure wonderment.  For you, Chana, it's a dance.  For me, it's a perfect eight plus minute song that lifts me to new heights. 

So you know what I say?  I say bully to your slog.  Bully to your albatross.  We have crawled into the ring of fire and we have emerged on the other side - hardened and better than when we started.

Those memories?  That's what they are.  Memories.  And memories run slow.  Not like us Found Souls.

For Found souls are swifter than Shadowfax.

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  1. And then you get a full-time job or attempt to create one, and forget all about it altogether. :)