Monday, February 20, 2012

Witnessing the Jeremy Lin Experience Firsthand

Now let's be clear from the get-go.  I never cared a wit about sports.  And now, my only true connection to it is that the guy I love loves sports. So let's call it a tenuous connection, at best.

So when I made the deal with the devil (see below) I was really doing it for David.

The deal with the devil - If I agree to spend Sunday going to BOTH the Knicks game (1:00 pm at Madison Square Garden ) AND the Rangers game (8:00 pm at MSG) then Monday is my day for us to do anything I want.  Since I really had nothing planned anyway, I agreed.

And yes - spending the Shabbos before Sunday with David, his family and some of his friends meant we talked about Jeremy Lin ad nausium.  His social impact.  His "skill set".  The way he has "energized an entire fan base".  How his type of rise has "never happened in the history of basketball before".  Extremely fascinating conversations all - though perhaps less so when repeated 200 times in the course of 24 hours.

So there I was, sitting in MSG and experiencing Linsanity for the first time. 

And you know what?  It was really, really cool. 

There were Lin masks.  T-shirts.  Jerseys.  Signs asking for his hand in marriage.  Signs of all types.  People doing the "we're not worthy" bows.  Celebrities (including a douchy Kevin Costner who came in with his girlfriend really really late). 

And Smiles.  Everywhere smiles.  Especially on the face of Jeremy Lin  - who carried himself throughout the whole game like he was genuinely happy to be there.  After a big win by the Knicks (the other team is supposed to be really good), fans streamed out high fiving, hugging - I even saw one guy who looked like he was crying - but many remained after to watch Jeremy being interviewed by the TV station covering the game.  Young kids begging for a wave, fans screaming his name. 

The Rangers game was extremely anti-climactic - almost an after-thought.  They won 3-2 in overtime.  And another goal was taken away even though it was scored with time left in the game.  No Jeremy Lin on the Rangers? Whatever, yawn.

I will never completely understand guys' crazy love of sports.  But on this day - listening to not one, but two fan-bases cheering crazily as their teams won close games (especially the Knicks game where the fans were really going bonkers) there is this sense of heart pounding excitement that you feel as the players do their thing.  Every time Jeremy dribbled the fans were ooh-ing and ah-ing.  Every time he hit a shot they went mad.  Every time he got a teammate a pass, they cheered.  And he seems like a genuine, down-to-earth guy who believes in God and doesn't do bad stuff.  The type of hero we can all get behind.

And how are we spending Monday?  MY WAY.  Waking up late, going out for coffee, and then getting back into pjs for the rest of the day.  I just sent David out to get stuff so we can make a nice dinner.

Oh yea, and he's gonna have to buy me something REALLY nice too. 

After all two sports games in one day?   I'm not that LINsane.