Monday, February 6, 2012

Helping a Loved One Through Tough Times

He sulks.  He pouts.  He pushes away his plate, gets up and paces.

All the time muttering, muttering.

He is surrounded by friends and family in this, his parents home.  Surrounded by his parents, his siblings, his friends and his fiance. 

But he is miserable.

They have prepared this get together to celebrate life, liberty and the American way.  All the necessary accoutrement's are there - food, drink, festivity.

But he refused to enjoy it.  He mutters.  He sulks.

I hold his hand and tell him it will be ok...that maybe, just maybe...

The Jets will win the Super Bowl next year.


Ok, ok, so it wasn't really that bad.  But seriously?  His parents throw this monster Super Bowl party every year and he was so freaking unhappy because "[O]oh my god!  The Giants AND the Patriots?  This is like a nightmare.  And now it's happened twice in four years!"

I know, I know.  The Giants!  The Patriots!!  However WILL we go on?

My dad isn't really a sports fan.  He and my brother like the Giants, and I remember them being happy-(ish) a few years ago when they won, but Super Bowls weren't exactly huge deals in my house.  Very different in David's, though.  His family have been Jets season ticket holders forever and they take their football (and their Super Bowl parties) extremely seriously. Men watch (and bet on aspects of) the game while women critique Madonna's halftime performance and the commercials.  And a lot of food is consumed. 

Poor David kept muttering that he hopes "neither team wins" yet grudgingly agreeing that this was a good super bowl.

I agree.  It was a great super bowl.  Not the game (I'd have no idea) but the whole time.  The atmosphere.  The feeling of family and friendship (I love David's friends and their significant others - all of whom have taken me in as one of their own) that quite honestly I've never had before.

So congrats to any Giants readers.  Good win!! 

As for me - I'm going to find time to watch Ferris Beuller's Day Off.  After seeing the reaction of every adult in the room over the age of 30 to that commercial, I'm assuming this movie was one for the ages.


  1. I shared the sentiment of not wanting either team to win. It was an upsetting game albeit a good one.

  2. Everyone says it's the greatest thing since sliced bread - so it's either a great movie or the worst movie ever.

  3. You ever see "Sixteen Candles" or "The Breakfast Club"? If you liked those, you will like Bueller. If not, you probably won't.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the party. But I'm even happier for you that you've found a family where you feel like you belong!