Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Have Any Idea Just Who In The Hell You Are Talking To?

Just who ARE you Cymbaline?  Second post I ever wrote, March of last year.  First day in this blog's history, second post. Anyone remember it?

I do.  It's the start of the Cymbaline pity party.  Poor, poor Cymbaline.  Look how she struggled.  Tough life.  Mommy issues.  Society issues.  Jew issues.  Issues issues.  What a mess.  Poor thing. 

But wait.  Now it's April - May - June - look!  Cymbaline is doing better!  Yay.  Now it's 2012 - Cymbaline is engaged!  Yay!  Do you think she will live happily ever after?

Who am I?  Am I just a recovered troubled girl?  Fuck no!!  Or more accurately, yes and no.  I was that.  But that's not who I am anymore.

If I was a dictionary definition - how would you define me?  Lost and Found?  Recovering OTD? 

No, no no.  You got it all wrong.  That's not me.  That's just a small part of me. 

But the rest of me is lost in that isn't it?  Don't deny it.  It's how you look at me when you come here.  Waiting to see if the Cymbalines pity party is back in action.  Did Tova die?  Did David come to his senses?  Did her mom finally cross the line? 

That's not me - it's just a small part of me.

You know who else I am?  I'm the girl kicking ass in school.  Trying to latch down the first job in her career field.  Trying to plan a wedding with the wicked Bitch of the South (Shore).  Spending time with her best friend.  Becoming a Knicks fan.  [That's right bitches - you heard me right.  I went to ANOTHER game last night.  I saw Jeremy Lin again.  I soaked up the sights and sounds of Madison Square Garden and I told David I want more.  I love it and I'm all in. He's buying me a Lin jersey and everything.  (He tells me it's not all big wins and stuff, that it sucks when they are losing, but I don't really believe him)]

I'm reading the new Stephen King book.  Did you know that about me?  Do you care?  It doesn't involve me doing drugs or fucking a stranger.  I know -  but still.

I am ME - hear me roar.

I'm not a pity case.  I'm not just a reformed mess case.  I'm so much more.  And I don't really care if you see it or not.  Or if you are interested in me or not.  I forgot that for a while but a nice lady helped remind me.

Just who in the hell am I?  I'm me. 

And that better be good enough.


  1. Thanks man!!

    Er, I mean - I don't care about your opinion COJ!!!

  2. you don't have to. Just happy to see someone being able to see themselves in a positive light, and be proud of all of their "achievements".

  3. Dude! U rock and if anyone thinks that ur just a pity party..they really need to broaden their horizons and learn to look past just what is right in front of their noses..
    Im your biggest fan man!

  4. ewwwwww.......a lady? really!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. Sigh - Girl? But you're not a girl. Your a woman?

  6. Pity case? I don't think any of us ever saw you that way. You're an amazing person. I'm another one of your fans :).

  7. WHAT??? You're turning into a sports fan? If I weren't dehydrated right now, I'd probably weep. Turncoat.

  8. That's right - I'm a sports fan. It's SIMILAR, but not the same, as becoming an ax weilding maniac for your significant other (ZING!)

  9. sports...that's the one with the ball, right?