Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

Ok I admit it - I'm not perfect.

I know, I know, pick those jaws up from the floor.  It's sad but it's true.

And since I've been in my journey of personal reformation to "normal", there have been many things I've tried to stay away from.  The theory being, there is really no sense in putting your fragile self into situations which may end up hurting you.

And so, to that effect, I have tried to stay away from drinking too heavily, any drugs whatsoever (even over the counter cold remedies, etc. if it can be avoided), bad social influences, my mother, etc.  The easiest way to avoid trouble is to AVOID TROUBLE.

So you can imagine my shock and surprise when I found myself getting drunk at a New Year's thing I went to Saturday night.  Not like body shots off bare chests drunk, but way too much vodka and wine drunk which comes from drinking way too much vodka and wine. 

So there I was, getting deeper and deeper in the bag.....


And yet I managed to not do anything too embarrassing or self destructive.  And yet I managed to go home with the same guy I came with.  And yet i managed to wake up (with a pretty bad headache and a seriously furry tongue) without the old panic that usually set in when i woke up after a bender having no idea where I was.

So yea, maybe it's not the best idea for a former user to drink too much. But like they say on South Park, I learned something today (actually it was Sunday).  Well it's less of a new thing than it is an affirmation -

I'm going in the right direction.

I'm doing ok.  I may worry (alot) and whine (alot) and worry summore (sadly, alot), but I am doing ok nonetheless.

And I'm not 100% sure I'd have come out the same way LAST December 31/Jan 1.

The things we do for love:

David and I spent alot of time together this weekend.  We met for the party, I slept at his parents Sat night (and managed not to throw up in the guest bedroom!!  Go me!!).  We watched the Jet game together Sunday - it was sad.  Then we watched the big outdoor hockey game yesterday (which was happy). 

While I will never enjoy sports like he does, I at least kinda get why guys love them so much.  Less so the football, where the teams stand around for like a minute then play for 5 seconds, but the hockey seems to be pretty fast paced and exciting (David, his father and his brother were pretty intensely into this game).

And while it wouldn't have been my first choice for how to spend New year's weekend, the fact is that I'm off the whole month and David was off Monday.  So I kinda let him "win".  I did, however, force him to watch the Bachelor with me - which was AWESOME.  Mean bitches and crying weaklings - not to mention the most boring bachelor ever!!  It's gonna be good times!


  1. So glad my husband doesn't like sports! He does, however, love camping and hiking and fishing and hunting. SO choose yer poison. The things we do for love indeed.

  2. I LOVE hiking (and camping, so long as it's in a 5 star tent)

  3. Come join us! We camp so often that we actually just got ourselves an enourmous three room tent. We's pimpin, yo.

  4. One of the rooms is a spa, right?

  5. Pretty wild - thanks for posting! Related, here's to our reNEWed resolve, strength, and purpose for 2012...