Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sayonara Suckers and a Guest Post!

Ok so I'm totally stoked to present Obscured By Cloud's very first guest poster - Sometimes comment-or and always g-chat friend Malka!!  Here it is:


Wait.  There's nothing there, you say?  How odd....oh wait, it's not odd.  Cause Malka totally screwed me over and refused to write anything.  Even though I asked.  And then begged.

Well I'm calling you out publicly Malka - the world wants to experience your wonderful writing skills (even if they don't know it yet).  Make it happen!

Well, with that out of the way, it's time to say good bye my friends.  Well, good bye isn't accurate.  Good bye signifies permanence.  Our farewell is a temporary situation dear friends.  However, my internet availability will be limited, at best (and I don't intend to spend any time on a computer or my phone anyway).

So I hope everyone has a great week next week.

Leave some love y'all,



  1. Cymbaline: shut up
    how abt this
    “If I was ever to write a book, I'd write abt...”
    u love it
    ur speechless
    Malka: speechless with disgust and horror, love
    How about this:
    don't reach for anything. wait.
    when something comes to you and you're all like, “I could use a Malka Essay of Wisdom about now,” you'll know that is The Topic.
    Cymbaline: the topic is “dont reach for anything?”
    Malka: now who's an idiot?
    Cymbaline: the problem is ur so over my head i have no idea what ur talking abt
    Malka: It's ok, i get that a lot
    (see? a lot. two words.)
    Cymbaline: so ur not gonna do this for me?
    Malka: My idea was for you not to wrack your brains for a decent topic
    rather, you should wait until you feel the organic need for a Malka Essay of Wisdom (R)
    then send me an email for you will have found The Perfect Topic for my guest blogpost.

    (Cymbaline sends Malka a blank e-mail with the subject “please write a post for me”)
    Malka: You don’t get it
    it's not the email that is the key
    Cymbaline: hehehehe
    Malka: Forget it.
    Cymbaline: hehehhee
    Malka: The Guru
    Cymbaline: i got it, but u have to admit that was funny
    Malka: has explained enough
    Cymbaline: come ON
    Malka: figure it out your own damn self
    Cymbaline: see this is u avoidng
    Malka: suddenly i get why the "wise dude"
    always speaks in riddles
    Cymbaline: u dont want to
    Malka: bc the populace is so friggin irritating
    Cymbaline: so ur gonna force me to find u a topic
    then ull be like "eh i dont want that"
    i know how ppl like u operate
    Malka: You will know when you find the truth
    and everything will change
    Cymbaline: if u asked me to guest blog for u - id have done it in a second
    but i guess we just dont have the same feeling abt our friendship
    1:19 PM wait - im sorry - i cant read what ur writing thru all the tears
    Malka: (retreats into wise dude cave in disgust and despair. friggin populace. friggin ignorance.)
    Cymbaline: TEARS
    Malka: (in cave)
    (doin’ wise dude stuff)
    (ignoring stupid people)

  2. I spare you, gentle readers, from the other 11 pages of that discussion.

  3. Lies!! All lies!!! Oh wait, we actually DID have that conversation. Damn. Whatever. No one's going to read the conversation we had anyway. Bwahahahahahhahahaha