Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

So it's all set.  The plans are in.  The plane tickets are bought.

Florida here we come.  Tova has gotten at least minimal, shaky at best doctor approval to fly.  I'm finally going to do something on my vacation other than go shopping, drinking lattes and reading the entire Hunger Games trilogy (thumbs down, BTW - sorry Chana).

Am I excited???  Partly.  I'm nervous too.  I'm worried about flying with her - about being alone with her for a week and being in charge of getting help if anything goes wrong.  I'm worried something will go wrong.

Why?  Because she seems worried.

Our road trips, field trips, hell our trips to the local pizza store, are usually things which fill her with excitement.  This whole trip feels more like we are being sent off to the Hunger Games (book reference none of you get - but basically a competition where 24 children in an arena have to kill each other until only one remains).  In other words, our normal pre-trip excitement has been replaced with feelings of doom and gloom.

I almost want her to text me and tell me we are off.  That she changed her mind and she doesn't want to go.  But I know this will never happen.  Tova is nothing if not determined.  Whenever we talk about her chances of survival, I am reminded of Aragorn (the ruggedly hunky Viggo Mortenson) running into the cave of the dead and saying "I do not fear death".  Tova does not fear death.  And that's why she won't cancel the trip, even if (while she won't admit it) she might think it's coming for her.

Uneasy?  Check.  Worried?  Check.  But I'm also determined.  Determined to be there for my best friend when she needs me.  In whatever small way I can.  And if that means calling an ambulance for her or driving her to the local hospital to get a transfusion, then that's what it means.  It's not about me - it's about her and I will do whatever it takes to help make her life the best it can be - whether she has a week left for 75 years.

So Florida, here we come.  It's close to 80 degrees and sunny.  I have my bathing suits, some summer clothes, my MP3 player and suntan lotion.  Everything else will take care of itself.

Here comes the sun.


  1. You're doing good. It's pretty scary, but it's the right thing. And you're's about her.
    I hope everything goes smoothly and you both have a great time.

  2. Go you! Have fun, and enjoy not getting raped in a GA truck stop.

  3. What didn't you like about the Hunger Games?!

  4. I thought it was very heavy handed and obvious. The author has no sense of humor at all, and I know they were tweener books, but I feel they were written for 12 year olds.

    1. Well, the concept was significantly better than the execution. I wonder how it will translate into film.

  5. I second Mystery Woman. And I have a feeling that this trip will be the stuff of legends.

  6. Somehow that doesn't make me more excited....