Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's the Most....Wonderful Time....of the Year

Ok, let me start off by being absolutely clear - I am not one of those people who suffer from a case of Christmas envy.  That seemingly large portion of the Jewish community who seem to wistfully wish that they, too, could celebrate the Christmas season like everyone else seems to do.  It always seemed weird to me.  Jews have like a million holidays, can't they just let the rest of the world have ONE??

But I digress.  This isn't about envy of the season - rather it's my observation about the season.  Namely, that New York is a great place to be at year's end.  The City is shining.  The stores are dressed up, the streets are dressed up.  There are gobs of tourists walking around with open mouths and stares off wonderment.  It's awesome to watch.  Heck even the main shopping district in my little town is all lit up real pretty at night.  And the best part - people do seem to be friendlier than normal this time of year, which is always a plus.


So during my studying last week (and probably partly fueled by being sick and suffering delusions) I decided to make a Chanukah list of my truly loved ones - the ones I truly care about - and then to buy them things this year.  I've never gotten anyone a Chanukah gift before so I figured now's a great time to start. 

Of course, the list took all of 30 seconds to complete.  it consists of exactly four people - My father, my brother, my best friend and my boyfriend (in no particular order).  That's it.  The sad part - I only have four people in this world I truly care about.  The good part - easier to shop for only four people.

So what is everyone getting you ask?  (Oh, you don't care?  Too bad, it's my blog, I'm going to tell you anyway).  Dad got a gift certificate to a local Jewish book store, along with a note that expressed how much I appreciate all he's done for me the last 2 years.  My brother is getting something he's been wanting very much.  My friend Tova is getting a gift certificate to a store that has a pair of boots shes been dying for but can't possibly afford which she can now afford because she has a gift certificate which covers the majority of the cost of the boots. 

And then there's David.  And the great brain freeze which accompanies him.  I have absolutely no idea what to get him.  What does he like, you ask?  Guy stuff.  Sports.  But his family has jets tickets, he gets tickets to his other sports teams pretty much whenever he wants.  So that's not a good gift.  I was thinking like a watch, but that seems so.....cliche.  I'm totally stumped.  On the bright side, I have six more days to think of something.

So there you have it - the most wonderful time of the year.

Hope you all have a Happy Chanukah.


  1. Most really truly don't have more than four people whom they truly love, so it's not sad at all. When I see the people I have around me whom I love, I feel lucky that I have even one, because I know that I don't really truly "deserve" one, much less my family.

  2. True - Honestly i know if I'm ever blessed with having kids of my own my list will get bigger.

  3. Get him a ninja grappling hook! Guys love stuff like that! (unless that's just my husband. In which case, just joking.)