Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder

Someone asked me what beauty is.  Here's my shot at it:

What is Beauty?

Is it the simple answer most shallow people would give you? Is it the face on the cover of a magazine?  Or the one looking down at you from a 50 foot movie screen?  Is it really all about the perfectly made-up, airbrushed, no connection to reality person that we are told is beautiful?

Beauty.  Like flawless skin, a gentle curve of a hip or breast.  A perfect nose.  Startling eyes.


Is that really what it is?  Is that the beauty of this world?

What about the cloudless blue sky of summer? A rolling river.  A forest from the distance?  A pristine lake.  Waves breaking on an endless expanse of shoreline.


Beauty is perhaps the most subjective thing on earth. Is anything inherently beautiful? 

They say it lies in the eye of the beholder.  I think this is true.  One person's beauty is another's ugliness.  But sometimes that view is drilled into us.  Sometimes we don't even rationally get to choose anymore/  Is every orange sunset automatically a thing of beauty? 

There is, however, one beauty which is neither subjective nor simply in the eye of the beholder.  Pure beauty - inner beauty.

A person with inner beauty is objectively beautiful.  Inner beauty - kindness, strength, grace, selflessness.  These are inherently beautiful traits, not those which society tells us are beautiful. 

What is beauty?

Beauty is many things to many people. But it is also one thing to everyone.

External beauty is nice, sure, I admit it.  But better to be beautiful inside.  Whether others can see it or not.

Be beautiful.

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