Monday, October 3, 2011

Pushing Through

Three day holiday   =  ALOT of eating.  Good lord.  I've been to the gym three times already (Sat night, Sunday and this morning) to try and counteract all the food I've shoved.

It's a weird time of year.  Routines are all out the window.  People are on edge (understandibly).  There's a million things to be done and not much time to do it.

Yesterday morning my father and older brother put up the Succah.  Normally, my father tells me, we wait till after Yom Kippur but the way the calendar falls out, he didn't want to take any chances with bad weather.

Usually Succah building is a three person job in the Cymbaline family.  But my younger brother is in Israel this year and wasn't around to pitch in (not that he was that much of a help anyway from what I've observed).  So I decided to avail my services.

We have one of those Easy-Lock succahs.  And yep, they are pretty easy.  So we were done pretty quickly.  But, admittedly, it felt kinda good to do my part in a family activity.  The men seemed to appreciate the help (though as it was a fast day, there was no celebratory meal in a local coffee place like when we did Selichos last week).

I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday afternoon but he seemed pretty distracted too (probably by football, which, from what I gather, did not go particularly well for his [and now my] team last night).  So I got home from there feeling all out of sorts too.

Maybe it's just the time of year.  Lots of holidays, lots of preparations (both mental and physical), lots of Jewish causes looking for your time, your service or your money.  I see the pamphlets flooding our mail, pick up the auto-dialer recorded phone calls.

I barely slept last night.  Nothing new for me.  I think everyone else's anxiety is starting to get to me.  Maybe it's my own anxiety getting to me.

Nothing to be done.  Just need to push through.

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