Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pax Sleepana

The world was created with many wonders.  Oceans, tides pulled by the moon.  Mountain ranges, forests, jungles, beaches (along with frozen lemon-flavored beverages of course). 

Knee high leather boots.

If ever asked to prove the existence of a creator, I always point to one  Look in the mirror, what do you see? Literally millions (billions) or moving pieces all working as one to make you a person.  If you believe that's coincidence or chance, you are delusional.

So where was I?  Oh yea, world full of wonders.  One of those wonders - a good night's sleep.  It gives the mind rest, helps the body recover, it's a treasure trove of bodily goodness.

So, when the ability to sleep fails you, what happens?  Well, at first you are simply tired.  Then you start feeling dehydrated.  Then you start feeling sick.  eventually you start to feel like you are going insane.  Well, I shouldn't say "you".  This is what happens to me.

And this is what I've been going through for the past week - where all in I was working on about 14 hours of sleep spread out over 4 nights.  Or otherwise known as Bad Times.  It's gotten so bad that yesterday afternoon i was chatting with some of y'all and acting like a blithering idiot (I know, I know, that's not really that uncommon).

So after consulting the problem with my significant other, he suggested something which has been known to work in the past.  And I did.  And, for the most part, it worked.  I got about 7 hours last night, not quite uninterrupted, but close enough.

So I proclaim to you - Pax Sleepana!  Long live sleep - may you continue to shine your grace upon all the children of the world.  May you bless me with as many hours as I need on a more continuous basis.

Somehow, I know this is not to be, but I'm working on a more permanent solution....


  1. Yay! Make sleep a priority, because the further along in life you are, the less of it is available.

  2. Well that sounds depressing Old man :)

  3. I'm not That Old (just a decade older than you). But when work and family catch up with you, you have to prioritize.

  4. >So after consulting the problem with my significant other, he suggested something which has been known to work in the past.

    Nu, what was it? Ambien? warm milk and cookies? a date with a certain battery operated device? All of the above?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. I slept at his place - seperately of course