Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Blood is thicker than water.

"Mother" is the name of God on the lips of little children.

Family is always there for each other.

You can pick your friends but you are bound to your family.

There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

Family certainly means alot of different things to different people.  But the general gist of it is that the ties created by blood are different, usually better, than the ties formed in any other manner.  Soldiers who fight together are "brothers".  La casa nostra is "the family".  It's a bond which cannot easily be separated.

I had the opportunity to spend three days with David and his family over the first days of Succos.  For me it was a chance to view a family unit quite different than my own, but also similar in many striking ways. 

I was also stuck with how accepted I was into this unit.  From the minute I got there his mom put me right to work in the kitchen, treating me not as a guest but as a member of the unit.  I got on pretty well with his siblings (except his older sister but she doesn't seem to really like too many people in general).  His younger sister LOVES me (quite a bit different than in my family where my younger sibs barely speak to me). 

This post was supposed to be a much greater detailed look at his family.  But that's not really the point as far as I can tell.  The funny thing is, as nice as everyone was, it still felt weird.  It's not my family.  At least not now.  Maybe one day....

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