Thursday, October 27, 2011

And Behold, Out of Left Field, an Unexpected Twist

Let me set the scene for you:
 It’s about 11:30 last night.  I’m exhausted.  I’ve been suffering with severe cramps (TMI??  Well I have to set the scene no?).  I’m showered and in bed.  It’s finally time …

To close my eyes…

And drift off to…

When there comes a tap tap tapping at my door (quothe the raven, nevermore).

 Now as a general rule, no one except my brother ever comes to my room.  And he doesn’t tap, he kinda bangs.  So it’s not my brother. 

 I drag my extremely tired ass out of bed.  It’s my dad.  He asks if I have a few minutes.

 So off we go, down to his study/office/library.  That’s where he talks to people.  It’s the nicest room in the house (in my humble opinion) - all paneled wood, leather chairs and a gorgeous desk.  The walls are lined with books, mostly sefarim, but not only. (Many an important Jewish person has sat in this office, though you’d never know it.)

 I’m sitting across from him, wondering what important issue he needs my sage advice on, when:

“So tell me about this boy you are seeing.” 

 If a person can turn multiple shades of red, I’m sure that I did (the office has no mirrors, perhaps for this very reason).  I start stammering out an answer when I catch sight of his face.  The way his eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles.  The way they are crinkling now.  I let out a breath.

“I love him,” I simply say.  He nods his head.  He waits patiently for me to continue.  I talk more.  I tell him about David, about how he’s been there for me forever.  About how he treats me.  The way we get on with each other. The fun we have together.  How he makes me laugh.  How he makes me happy when I’m down. His family.  Everything.  Occasionally he stops me to ask a question or clarify something (mostly having to do with his family), but for the most part he lets me talk.

And the whole time, I’m sitting there feeling really….good.  Like, I’m having an important conversation with a parental unit!  About the guy I love!  And I don’t have to defend myself or yell or fight.  Not how I’d imagined this conversation in my head.

He says something.  “What?” I ask.

“I said, we’d like to meet him.”

Meet him?”  Despite the shower I just took, I can feel the sweat starting to leak.


We?”  More sweat.  Looks like another shower in the cards for me.

 “Yes, we.”

“Mommy wants to meet him?” I ask.  My mother?”

He sighs.  “Cymbaline, do you think that this boy David is going to be a permanent part of your life?”

“I hope so.”

“So we want to meet him.”

Ok Cym.  Think.  All you need to do is agree and then be vague about a time and eventually it’ll blow over. “Ok, sure.  We can figure out a time and….”

“How about Sunday?” he asks.

This Sunday?”

He’s in full smile mode now.   “Yes, this Sunday.  We can have a nice brunch.  You know how your mother loves to entertain.”

I start stammering again, trying to think of a good excuse.  But I look in his face.  There isn’t going to be an excuse.  We are having brunch with David on Sunday. 

A terrible thought pops into my head.  “Here’s the thing.”  I’m trying to be diplomatic.  “Mommy can be a little…critical? sometimes and…”

“Your mother will be on her best behavior.  I promise.”

My father’s promise is gold.  “Ok then.”

“Ok.  Let’s call it for like 11:30.  I have a breakfast Sunday morning for a Tzedakah which I have to attend.”  He pats his non-existent stomach.  “I promise I will save some room for the bagels.”  There’s a twinkle in his eyes.

And just like that the meeting is over.

I text David.  He's in for brunch with the 'rents.  I have officially lost 13 pounds of water weight.

Now I’m back in my room.  All hopes of a good night’s sleep are suddenly done.

David.  In my house.  Eating brunch with my mother.

David vs. Goliath.



  1. This is so exciting! Now we're getting serious! :)

  2. MW - Good maybe - terrifying? Yes

    Ez - when you are right, you're right ;)

    Irina - Seriously terrifying maybe?

  3. Shivering inside for you. Make the best out of it. It will get better once you're out of your parents' house for good.

    Look on the bright side: if things with David go good, you (plural) will have at least 1 (1.5 maybe?) good set of parents.

  4. so exciting!! I hope it goes well. You never seemed to care what your mother thinks anyway. what are you afraid of?

  5. COJ - def 1.5

    Anon- That's a very good question. i guess the answer is I just want itt o go ok - I don't want to be embarrased by what she says or does in front of my boyfriend while he's meeting them for the first time.