Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Her Defense

She spent the entire day in bed.  Avoiding everyone and everything.

It was about 3:00 when Tova first told her to go home.

"I'm too mad, " she replied.

Tova made a face like she just bit into a lemon.  "Oh please, you stopped being mad three hours ago."

"Fine, I'm not ready to face her."

"Right.  But that's not my problem.  You need to stop avoiding your problems and take them on. Besides, you've been too mopey and annoying to have around.  Your annoyingness is worse than cancer."

"Thanks for your support."

"I have been supportive.  I let you sleep here didn't I?  You know my mother hates having you around.  She thinks you're a bad influence."  They both giggle at the inside joke.

"Uch, fine.  I'll go home.  I hate you."

"You love me."


She packed her things into the bag she took from her house last night, thanks Tova's disinterested mom for taking her in on such notice, and get in the car.  By the time she pulls up in front of the house she's sweating.  She doesn't know what she hates more, that her big mouth gets her slapped down or that she even lets her mother get to her to begin with.

Her hand is shaking when she tries to put the key in the door.  After three fumbled attempts, she gets it done. 

She's on her her way to the stairs, to the safety of her room, when her mother comes out to see her.  She's in her workout clothes either going to, or returning from, her second work-out of the day.  Lunatics need to look good too, Cymbaline thinks crazily and suppresses a nervous laugh.

There is an awkward silence as they stand there, not really looking at each other.  Finally she can't take it anymore.  "Hi," she mumbles as she adjusts the bag on her shoulder.

"Hi," her mother replies.

Pleasantries done, she starts towards the stairs.  "Cymbaline, I..." her mother starts, then stops.  She stops and turns around, waiting to hear the words of wisdom her mother has for her. 

Except when the words come out, they are nothing that she expects.

"I'm sorry."

Absolutely stunned inside,  Cymbaline manages to nod her head and walks up the stairs.  When she gets to her room, she closes the door gently behind her.

Then she lies on her bed and cries her eyes out.


  1. Beautifully written. Hopefully your mom had a moment of epiphany; and hopefully it won't be a fleeting one.

  2. I do have to say that it strikes me as very odd that someone would slap a 21 year old in the face. I could see it with a 17 year old that is mouthing off...

  3. What can I say - she has a flair for the dramatic. That and she's insane most of the time.

  4. Slapping anyone in the face, (short of a self-defense measure) is a sign of poor control over oneself and a situation. An intelligent parent will know how to deal even with an annoying teenager without resorting to that.