Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happiness is Your 21st Birthday

Today is Mah Burfday!!!  YEAH!!!

Today I turn 21.  September 15, 2011.  What a day. 

I feel different - I feel magic in the air around me.  The sun seems brighter and the trees greener.  I'm happy.

I can legally drink in New York (though to be sure it's never really been all that much of a problem obtaining alcohol when I've wanted it).  But more importantly, I'm a full-fledged adult.  No one can tell me I'm still a child anymore.  I'm part of the grown-up world.  A big deal for someone who has had to work extremely hard to "legitimize" who they are.

Tonight, my boyfriend (I love saying that!!) is taking me out to celebrate.  I don't know where we are going or what we are doing.  Only where I'm supposed to meet him and to dress nicely. 

Tomorrow I'll wake up and things will go back to normal.  The sun will seem it's usual brightness level and the trees might seem a tad more dull.

But today is my birthday and all is right with the universe.


  1. Happy birthday :). May you have many many more, and may you be this happy at each one.

  2. Many happy returns, etc from Chicago!

  3. If I may quote a wise friend of mine, who has quite a way with words...


    "I'm just saying, 'A Happy Birthday,' " said Owl carelessly.
    ... "It's a nice long one," said Pooh, very much impressed by it.
    "Well, actually, of course, I'm saying, 'A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh.' Naturally, it takes a good deal of pencil to say a long thing like that."
    "Oh, I see," said Pooh.

  4. No one is ever too old for A.A. Milne.
    Happy 21st!

  5. Have a great one and can't wait to hear the details of your celebration!!!