Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Curious Series of Catastrophic Events

Dear Diary:

Last night my mother, in a terrible mood for something that happened (which didn't involve me) started ragging on me mercilessly (having finally stopped mercilessly riding my younger siblings for hours).  She made a nasty remark, which led me to make an even nastier remark.
Which led to her slapping me across the face, calling me a bitch and throwing me out of "her" house (for the second time).

So I packed my stuff and went to my only true family  - Tova.

And here I'll stay, in bed all day, until further notice.




  1. M'kaleh aviv v'imo: mos yumos.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. SC...that is a horrible thing to say.

    Cym... (hug)

  4. Cymbaline: my sympathies.
    SC: 1) This is a horrible thing to say. 2) Do not discount parent's (parents') responsibility of taking care of their own mental disorders.

  5. I am glad you edited your post. Only problem is that those who called my comment "horrible" may not have realized what I was responding to. In any case, I apologize, I am almost certain that what you wrote would not really qualify as 'cursing your mother' under the halacha, I was merely exclaiming my shock at your words.

  6. SC...I saw the unedited version, and I still think it's a pretty horrible comment.

  7. Whatever - it's fine. I took it down - I wrote it in anger. In the end - SC is entitled to her opinion.

  8. @ SC the same torah u just quoted also has a very nice line abt embarrassing someone in public....

  9. SC - That's a horrible misunderstanding of that halacha.

    Cym - Now I understand. Ouch.