Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer's Gone By

I looked at my calendar today.  Somehow it's August 12.  It made me reflect on my summer:

I went into hibernation to study for finals, took finals, only to emerge from school.......

with the worst recorded case of pneumonia in the history of mankind.  I suffered with this for weeks, losing weight and disfunctional, until......

I recovered enough to go to work!

In short, this has been pretty much the most un-summer summer of all time.

Sure, there were a couple of pool parties, some BBQ's and a week upstate coming up, but this hasn't exactly been the most stress-free, battery recharge of summers (and I've completely left out this summer's biggest energy sucker).

YET, as I sit here sorting through and collating signature pages, I'm listening to this and all of a sudden it's summer again.  It's distant bells, and new mown grass smells so sweet.  It's by the river and holding hands, draw me up and lay me down.

Still, it's depressing to realize that summer is winding down and the "real world" is about to start up again soon.  There's something about experience of flip-flops, short shorts and ice coffee that winter just cannot duplicate.

But vacations and good times, much like life, marches on.  Everything eventually gets left behind.  So there will always be next summer.  And maybe when we become adults the fun quotient starts to diminish - but maybe we all just learn how to squeeze more enjoyment out of the lesser amounts we have.  Not sure.

Here's what I do know though - it's August 12 and summer's running out of time.  When I walked to my car this morning, it was almost...chilly outside.  And I know that up in the country at night its probably freezing already.

And this post, much like my mind today, shall complete with no ending.


  1. there are precious few days of summer left..that is moving next week starting school a few days after gonna enjoy the few days of flip flop wearing left

  2. Eh, it's not over till it's over. MY summer shall continue until the season actually officially ends, and Fall slips into place.

  3. AM - Where to?

    Irina - Of course you are :)

  4. I know the feeling. I always get a bit depressed at the end of the summer. As a child end of summer= back to school. I never fully got over that feeling.

  5. Nows the time to squeeze in your last summer getaway :) Come August 29th, and everything just gets that much busier.

  6. getting in my last rays of Vitamin D...
    and Cymabaline..where am i moving? To where it seems most of the j-blogosphere does..

  7. That doesn't help me one bit Am. I know J-Bloggers from Brooklyn, Queens, The City, Israel, down south, Washington Heights (not quite the City :) )

  8. Lets just say that I don't exactly what to publish my whereabouts to the world at large..but safe to say im moving from below the mason dixon "in-town" (not Brooklyn)

  9. Ok - I can now hazard a pretty good guess :)

  10. im intersted to hear your me and ill tell you if you'e guessed correctly.